Because I totally bailed on the only remaining weekly feature...

Jonathan Adler teapot.
She reminds me of Stefania.

Weekend Recap

Feeling the freedom of a plan-free weekend.
Falling asleep on the couch.
This film (although I'm still questioning some of the casting).
Trying my hand at these muffins.
Evening walks thanks to the longer days and the warming sun.
Sending off my first invoice!
Season one of the Flight of the Conchords. (Jermaine is hilarious)
Progressing on my little piece of crochet.
Enjoying afternoon family naps.
Understanding my parents a little bit more.
Knowing that spring is right around the corner.
Getting excited at the prospect of toddler rainboots.


Yeah, about that last post...

To follow up to yesterday's Negative Spice's post, here's a list of stuff that makes me happy:

Spending time in bed with the boys
White tulips
'These Days' by Nico
Flight of the Conchords
Plain black turtlenecks
Good margherita pizza
Picking pussywillows
Seeing newborn horses run
My green dress
Successful baking
Seeing what other people make/create
Empty laundry basket
Stationery/note cards
Friday phone dates (when they actually happen!)
Going to the library

What makes you guys happy?


Very important complaining

Can my entrance look like this please?

Here are a few things that I've been needing to get off my chest. To the few fortunate ones who get to see me on a regular basis, I apologize for the redundancy of the following:

No more cooking. No more soups, no more roasted veggies, no more rice, no more dinners. If you have ANY suggestions for quick, healthy dinners... PLEASE post them in the comments. I am getting desperate here.

NO MORE WINTER. That one is self explanatory

No more of my stupid jeans. I hate them. They look 'ok' for like the first 5 minutes they're on. By the end of the day I look like a homeless woman who's stolen two babies from a normal woman.

No more hormonal inbalances. I'd like to keep the little hair I have left. Thank you.

No more sweeping.

No more cloth diapers. I am tired of laundry and tired of poo in my sink.

There, I'm done. I will be back to my 'happy' self tomorrow.



Some things I forgot from the recap:

Rosemary-Mint shampoo from Aveda
Handmade love for Luca in the shape of a blanket (Merci Meme Cochonet!)
Tractor rides
Visits from Tati D.
News of a new baby!
Missing the blogosphere...

Weekend Recap

No films, no books only CROCHET. My newest love. It won't last. Damn artisinal crushes.
Taking a bath, uninterupted, looking out a really big window, reading Vanity Fair.
Watching the transformation of parents into grandparents.
This lemon tart (we changed the crust to a regular pate sucrée).
Watching my sister read Tonka Tough Trucks for the nth time.
Outting to new friends my "troubled" university path and fast-track to parenthood.
Blaming the wine.
Contemplating child divorce (not the children of divorce, but rather, how to divorce your own child) Thinking about green grass and leafed trees.
Looking forward to coming home.


I'm so out of the loopJuergen Teller

Aparently, superstar fashion photographer Juergen Teller has done it again. This time it's rappeuse extraordinare M.I.A posing for the new Marc by Marc Jacobs line. I found this spread in the current issue of V.F. and instantly felt out of the loop. Looks like I've missed a few seasons since the Charlotte Rampling and Sofia Coppola photoshoots!

You can read Juergen's bio here .
Oh, and Little Marc? Bring it.


Weekend sendoff!

Cochonet Rouge will be 'Out of the Office' until Monday... happy easter weekend! Here is some eye candy!

Drew Barrymore's Flowers Film's kitchen..... from Domino via Oh Joy!
White rooms from Desire to Inspire via For Me, For You


Bloggin' Fever or Quickie part deux

This is a great Todd Oldham photo for Nest, which went belly up in '04. A great loss to the magazine world.
  • At its core, Nest was an interior design magazine, with the operative word being "interior." Nest avoided the utopian and delved head-first into the crusty, muddled, and often times ugly world of every day life inside four walls with such bravado and disdain for the commonplace that every issue felt like a strange, exciting new world unfolding in your hands didn't feature modern masterworks of interior harmony, or regurgitate trendy lofts brimming with Eames, Knoll, Nelson, and all the rest, but focused on the interior spaces people called home.
- Todd Dominey, WhatdoIknow-

Back to the topic at hand. That car: I love it. I want to take my sausage clan and drive down to New Mexico in that car. Maybe never even come back... Hmm....
That's all I wanted to say.


Has an entire week already gone by? Oh my, where were my blogging fingers? They're très busy picking boogers out of the babies' noses.
I'm suffering from Blangst: common condition where lack of blog reading causes blogger to feel lost and rejected by the Blogosphere.
Need to fix that, pronto.
In the meantime, just go to For Me, For You... they've got it all covered.
Apology the first for the faulty link from Monday: This is what you need to click on when you're bored. Paula Abdul is gold.
Apology the second for the non-existent Weekend Recap. Just read the archived ones, throw in "drinks at the local pub", "mini-mom-hangover", "Easter Egg Hunt" and "Ginger snap cookie dinners"


Kick Off the week with this...

Happy Monday!

From Things I have Learned in my Life... thanks to Stephanie from Bright Turquoise for the great link! Can't I find anything by myself?


Things to click on when you're bored

Famous drunken appearances

That should keep you busy for a few hours. Specially all the Paula Abdul ones. Those are my faves.

Justine, I finally did it.

It's taken me about an hour to recover from After the Wedding. I'm still puffy in the eyes and my shirt is still soaking wet.The Danish director Susanne Bier offers us just about everything in this film. Artful storytelling, intricate subtleties, incredible performances. The works. It's as emotionally poignant as it is thought provoking. I will spare you my "Film as Art 101" blabber. Read here.
Back to laundry and poop.


Great Quote!

A great link from a new blogger friend: Serendipy Book

"For me every day is a new thing. I approach every project with a new insecurity almost like the first project I ever did. I get the sweats. I start working. I don't know where I'm going. If I knew where I was going I wouldn't do it. When I can predict or plan it I don't do it - I discard it. So I approach it with trepidation. Obviously over time I have a lot more confidence that it's going to be OK. I approach project work with what I think is a healthy insecurity."

-Frank Gehry-

Hmm... that makes me feel really good about myself.

Thanks Frank!

Teapot Friday?

I'm back with another teapot!
Vandalized Vintage::Trixie Delicious. Absolutely brilliant. We should've registered there for our wedding.It kills me. She also does some custom stuff and was featured in the Feb. issue of ELLE Decor UK.
So there.


Again with the inspiration...

The color scheme in Darjeeling Limited is all about Cool vs Warm. Lots of blue/orange and blue/yellow contrasts, some really great shots, to be expected from Wes (and YES, we are on a first name basis). It got me thinking, maybe I've been a bit harsh on blue all these years? Blue is the kind of color I have never worn with confidence. Except maybe for turquoise. Yes, my electric turquoise skirt makes me happy. But I could do away with the rest, navy, sky, azure, baby (ouache-specially baby). I, however, have painted two rooms blue, but both have quite a bit of green in them. It's just not a color that I gravitate towards. Who knows, maybe as I grow older, I'll like it more... maybe I'll remember back to my no-blue years and call myself a hypocrite.
But, feeling inspired by the D.J. I set off on a Flickr sleuthing rampage.:Sgn

Blue & Mud

I'm TiredLiquor Barn

Blech, we're in another existentialist rut. Seems like they occur every two days now.
At least there's a synchro-nap happening. Haven't had one of those in what feels like weeks! Quick... return phone calls, make dinner, do laundry, get rid of those dust bunnies? Nah, I'll idle on Flickr instead! I'm enjoying the quiet moment and the snowflakes floating outside my window. My shoulders feel like they're starting to relax.
Have no fear ye faithful blog readers, I have made a pact with my blogger identity that blogging is exactly what the Dr. prescribes in these times. So I'll have to push a little harder and strain a little more, but darn it, I WILL blog.
Feels nice to be 'back'
p.s- D.: Did you just DIE in there? I think SF has one of their bigger stores too... hmmm . Justine brought me back an apron from a SF Anthropologie... I can finally wrap it around my body! We'll be coming down around Easter time...

Some props

Just wanted to give props to all the other blogger that feed me over here at Cochonet. Thanks to Stephanie over at Bright Turquoise for the Stuff White People Like link. Genius. I also like her take on the NOT To Do List. You should go and give it a once over.
Thanks to Jenifer over at Nectar & Light for the beautiful photographs and for reminding me of the beautiful things that surround me. She also inspired the Weekend Recap.

Oh and this woman....
Creative Director at Martha... hmmm
Bobby Pins sold at Anthropologie... ah, yes
Cover Art for Sufjan Stevens... of course
Anything this woman CAN'T do?

That's about all for today, sorry for the briefness/lameness of the posts recently. I haven't gotten much computer face time... maybe next week?
Evil Le Dary Out.


The New Royal Tennenbaums?

While it might not have our old friend Gene Hackman in it, The Darjeeling Limited is pretty damn good. At least in my opinion it is. Is it as good as the RT? Maybe.
Give me 5 years and another 30 viewings and I'll let you know what I think.

Weekend Recap

This film
Having someone there to put things in perspective for you
Outdoor time with the neighbours
Corona and lime
Impromptu sleepovers
Admitting to yourself that you've been a crappy friend
"Date" night
Pork Roast in a lemon/thyme/garlic rub with baked potatoes and sauteed rapini
Last minute molten chocolate cakes
Hoping that one day, I can live like this
Hoping that I don't let myself get too overwhelmed this week


Weekend Inspiration

Here are some great bedrooms courtesy of LivingEtc...(btw- has everyone but me known about this site?!) what with the pending snowstorm (seriously? More f*****g snow?) I thought it might be nice to look at rooms more than suitable for hibernation. I'm thinking of waking up around mid June. I call the turquoise bedspread bedroom. Bite your tongue, tell someone you love them, try not to take yourself too seriously. If I can accomplish that over the weekend, I'll be happy.
Sorry, no teapot. Just google "teapot" and pick one. Pretend I posted the picture here.
See you on Monday. Don't be late.


Where's Waldo (can you tell I'm getting desperate?)

Whoa. Almost two days without any posts. Are you still alive?

Okay, first: my new blog crush:
For Me For You
I know I've mentioned it a few times, but this is one is really really really up my alley. A little fashion, a little design, a little fine arts and lots of great links and some great writing.
It was my first pick this morning. 'Nough said.
Through them, I discovered Oh Joy!
One word:
For Cynthia Rowley
For Urban Outfitters

Corporate Client
Oh and her name is Joy.
You can check out her studio and her shop. Is there anything she can't do? Wow.
On her blog today, she's featured an AMAZING clothing collection that was designed for Justine.
I swear Juice, you're going to fall off your chair.
Yes, it's "green" and yes it's hip... but it's gorgeous and the site is really quite beautiful.
Enough gushing. It's called A Small Collection and Alyson Fox is the designer. I'm too brain dead to figure out how to import a Flash image. So I won't. You'll just have to go check it out.
It's tough love around here, you know?

There's been quite a bit of computer time recently, and funny enough, that's why I haven't posted or emailed much recently. Once this deadline nears, then I'll be all over this internet business.
Tomorrow's entry will be titled "Why batteries aren't safe toys for a toddler". Must tend to some damage control.


In a perfect world...

diablo cody

I am a trend forecaster

I have a back full of tattoos.

I live in Tokyo.

I am friends with Diablo Cody

I get a manicure every week

I own a flower shop

My compost is not infested by fruit flies

I never have body odour

I never have to chop onions, or make a béchamel

Babies never poop

I can have my cake, eat it too and not gain a pound

There is a cure for rheumatoid arthritis

I can successfully pull off suspenders

There is no television

I do not make myself sick eating bananas, cream and coconut

Celine Dion is neither making music nor famous

I work/contribute to a design magazine

Shaking it up

Some mornings... I feel like this:
Lucky for everyone, today is not one of those days. Or is it?
Just one of the many illustrations from Matte Stephens, an Alabama artist whose work is plastered all over the design/artsy inter-world. Dude is producing some illustration for Herman Miller. You can't really do any better than that. Think Eames meets Edward Scissorhands.
If my brain was properly hardwired this morning I could make some more astute design/pop culture reference. But I can't. So there.
Check out his Etsy store... and if you happen to run into $700, you could buy me this owl sculpture. Thanks


Spring Inspiration!

So I'm listening to an old favorite album that reminds me of spring time. The spring semester of my second year in design school. Back when my wardrobe was fun and the booze was a'flowin. There were no babies.
Here's what JCrew is offering up for this spring... (yes, more envy) Oh and I'm way too lazy to link back to all this stuff. I have faith that you can find it all if you really need to.

I just wrote really lame captions for these outifits, but deleted them. Trust me, it's for the best.

So there is a small part of my Spring 08 wish list. Aaaah but I must remind myself that all clothing that graces this body immediately turns to rags. Like Cinderella, but in reverse. Note to self: only wear grocery store clothing. Items must cost less that $15.
Oh and Urban Outfitters (which use to be Mecca for me) has a blog? It's a bit much, but they've got some great music recommendations.
She & Him
I love Zooey Deschanel.


Weekend Recap

Knowing that I am surrounded by good people
Enjoying synchronized naps
Having some tea and cake
Not getting enough of her photographs
Marching in the snow trenches of NDG, wearing a baby and holding a tart
Watching siblings make each other laugh
Sending off some work and waiting for feedback
Tending to my garden
Looking forward to a good week flickr

Blogging and the Art of Zen

Right before I sit down to type a meaty post, I feel all funny inside. My mind is racing, I'm slightly hotter than usual and I can't seem to slow down enough to write a decent sentence. Most of you recognize this and forgive me for the poor grammatical structure and multiple run-on sentences...For this, I thank you. It's funny, because every post is like a mini-birth for me, albeit I'm not naked, angry and bouncing on an exercise ball- Bruno would not be able to handle that on a regular basis.
But as soon as I hit that 'Publish Post' button, I begin to breathe. My shoulders relax and I can now focus on the other 3.6 million things I should be doing.
Like washing those damn diapers or fixing the fruit fly issues with my compost (hey worms: f**k you). The laundry is never ending, but you all have heard my laundry rants, so I'll spare you. You can thank me later.

First things first:
Some inspiration for the coming week: (freezing rain all day tomorrow BTW) Mobile from Frazier & Wing (Portland, Oregon)

In the spirit of having more fun on a day to day basis:
Paper Doll kit from Eggpress (again, Portland Oregon)
How funny is that little dog? Too cute.
I had a point to all of this, but I've forgotten.
Oh, yeah the fact that I feel better after posting. This space had opened up a whole new universe to me. Funny how little things can have big effects.