Weekend Recap

Yelling- and lots of it
Staring blankly at the financial tables, heart pounding, head wondering: WTF?
Wishing I had more Anthropologie in my closet, like this lady!
Enjoying a fun impromptu pizza night with some new friends
Catching this movie on the free movie channel- SCORE!
Greeting the ILs after a long trip
Loosing myself in this book
Counting down the days


Chirstmas List

This is my living-in-technicolor-dream-Christmas wish list.... (not to be confused with real list which includes practicalities such as fancy shampoo, knee high socks, moleskine planner...)

Lino Block Kit from Speedball

The almost iconic address file from Lovely Design

Subscription to Uppercase Magazine
(finally a subscription where the $CAD price is the lowest!)

Gift Wrapping Vintage Kit from Nice Package
(aka, Ez from the wonderful Creature Comforts)
Iphone case: simple, clean, practical. From Byrd and Bell on Etsy
Gennine Zlatkis Bird Print for ThreePotatoFour

But really, at the end of the day, all I want is a full night sleep and $100 000. A girl can dream, right?
Have a great weekend!


Lovely Suprises

Originally uploaded by gemma correll
I can't seem to write anything that makes sense today. Maybe that's because I have been stuck writing, or rather re-writing, a 10 000 word business plan.
So I just want to thank MissKate for giving me a half hour of pure happiness as she posted about the brilliant gemma correll.
It makes me want to draw.


Weekend Recap (it's a bit of a doozy)

Having a wee bit of a nervous breakdown (we can be honest here, right?)
Driving down to Knowlton seeking some mothering
Realizing that my mother is the least mothering person I know. Damn
Feeling good about being disconnected for a few days
Soaking in the luxury of the clawfoot tub, reading this novella
Roaming the Town of Brome Lake streets looking for D
Coming home, childless, hypnotized by Karen Armstrong on Tapestry
Being welcomed to a spotless home by my crew-cutted husband
Setting my sight on a big fat steak-frites for dinner
Enjoying a quiet adult evening at our new steak spot- nothing fancy, but something that's ours
Forfeiting to the 12 ounce steak, NO amount of work can be done after THAT much red meat
Browsing the quiet streets of the Internet, finding endless inspiration here
Deciding that all I want for Christmas is this, tutorials here

Admitting that I'm way over my head here, but somehow, things will work out?


Get your own!

Remember Yokoo?Well, now you can get a FULL collection of stuff over at Urban . In store as of a few days ago, they'll be adding pieces to the collection. Can't wait to see if we get it here in Montreal. Don't you love that logo?
Happy Friday everyone!


2 (or Better Late than Never)

Your hand is buried in my hair and your head is resting on my shoulder. You hate it when I sing.
You just told me your best friend is baby Charlotte. She's 4 months old and you love holding her.
You're 2.
You've already mastered the potty and the camera. You're a quick study, sly as a fox just like your Papa.
You're only 2.
You have that rare ability to affect the mood of a crowd. For better or worst, you need us to feel your emotions. I think you get that from me.

I'm sad that you'll never be 2 again
Happy Birthday (better late than never?)


A guy after my own heart

So I was wasting time on Lena Corwin's blog the other day, after seeing that Jenny from Wiksten would be teaching a sewing class at Lena' studio. Anyways, Lena sells some of her things (coveted pillows that I would love to carry at the shop, but alas aren't available for wholesale) at the Brooklyn Flea Market, a weekly gathering of cool stuff with uber cool people and food.

Blah blih blah.
One of the guys that designed the BFM poster is Wayne Pate, a brooklyn based artist, maybe even artorialist as he coined? Anyways, he has this great print of a seagull with which I have irrevocably fallen in love. Turns out I've seen his stuff before, as one of his prints is pretty famous in the illustration circuit (you might recognize this one).
Oh and he loves teapots, specially this one, which apparently makes the best cup of tea. Period. Too bad they don't make it in red!

Bottom Line: Seagull = Mine.


Guy walks into an adverstising agency...

Um, hello? Anyone there?
I'm going to skip over the useless spiel of what I've been up to, why I haven't been around, general complaints about life, haircuts and coffee sleeves, and dive straight into the goodies! We'll save all that stuff for another day.
Anyways, I give you:
Samantha Robinson (via, PoppyTalk, but I could be wrong, could totally be HeySuzy too).

I ♥ Teapot

Gorgeous original porcelain from Australia, as seen in Donna Hay, House Beautiful, etc. I love the teapot- obviously- and the delicate patterns. Her homepage is also really fun.
Anyways, just wanted to share a bit with you.
I missed being here, but we'll talk about that later, k?