“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
ee cummings
They are both very proud of who you've grown up to be. You are courage incarnate, and never stop growing.


Wish list for the Spring...

One night here
This cookbook
All new makeup from these geniuses
New underwear from here
A haircut/manicure and pedicure day
Lunch here
A trip to this exhibit
This dress
Double chin removal

A girl can dream, right?



The napping union is on strike again... Cochonet refuses to cross the picket line, so we'll be back next week!


Design-Y trends...

Famous Mustache Pencils
Salvador, Zorro, Burt, Django, Clark
Set of 5
: 9 Euro
Scissors, mustaches and sausage dogs... more to come!



And the nominees are...
Milk, The Reader, Frost/Nixon, Doubt and B.Button are all on my list. Is there enough time?!?



Some great stuff from Beklina, a green clothing/accessory shop.
Found via Lena, again.
Oh did anyone notice that jennie gordy chopped ALL her hair off?


Sheets and Pretty Things

Just some pretty sheets and bedrooms courtesy of Castle... thanks to Lena for the link!


Cutting it up

Dreamy collages by Toronto based Melissa Agostino of Sali Tabacchi...

Sometimes we try so hard to make something perfect, when in reality it's the imperfections that make them beautiful. No circle cutters used here. Or maybe it's the calculated imperfections. That's what I tell myself about my bangs. Duh, they're suppose to be crooked.
I think the poppies are my favorite, but there's a soft spot for the rural landscape up top.
Found via HeySuzy


Hearting Stuff

Getting back into the blogosphere has been so so so so much fun! It's like running into old friends, except they don't get to see how ungroomed you are. Or how your clothes look like they've been fed through a paper shredder and glued back together with yoghurt. It's awesome, really.
So I was just looking at all the archives on Lena Corwin's blog and I just can't get enough of her. Seriously. I'm riffling through her photographs and trying and construct a well rounded visual summary of her style, and I just can't decide which ones I want to post.
She's an illustrator and textile designer- ahem, like someone else I know- she's a freelancer, an author, a photographer, a goddess, and a collaborator on truly creative projects like this. She takes lots of photos of books. I likey those the best. So take an hour and surf here or here . Just enjoy the view, ok?
Oh and thanks to Stephanie for always sending me in the right direction. Whatever it is.


Airing out the Closets

Justine's closet looks like this:

I'm not even kidding. It's ah.ma.zing in there.
Photos courtesy of Domino : their Clutter Gallery


For those of you who aren't tired of the Woodland stuff...

Teakwood Root Stool $250

Snail Pillow $32
Owl Umbrella Stand $120

All from Urban . So what comes next? What will eventually replace owls- I'm growing very tired of seeing them.


Paper to make you Smile

So in this dreary weather, when summer feels like an eternity away, what better way to pep yourself up than with pretty slips of paper ...Notecards


Mousepad Calendars

From Ann Kelle Designs found via Print & Pattern


Seasonal Anthropologie Roundup!

here are my most coveted anthro items...

The chandelier is only $1800... Juice is headed to SF on Saturday: fire up that MasterCard!
Have a great time!


A mutiny is upon us

Now that the warm, lazy Christmas mornings filled with hot chocolate and homemade brioche are gone, I'm slowly realizing the damage that has occurred to our schedule. The days of synchro naps are but faint memories in this monkey's brain. For those of you blessed with the lifelong burden- by burden I mean joy- of kids, you know that a day without naps is not a real day. It's a fake day where there is no time for dinner, no time for laundry and even less time for The Internet. It's a day filled with half negotiations, half eaten snacks and full on tantrums.
Today seems to be one of those days. Ethiopia has been crying for the last half hour and I AM NOT GIVING IN.
We got hit by another flu this week and this time, we had to call back up. My mother flew in on her umbrella and totally saved the day. She left this afternoon. Hence the constant crying. Sure his molars are coming in and YES he is in the process of weaning... but I say NAY to this mutany. We WILL reinstate synchronized nap and that is all. Babies are meant to sleep together and mothers deserve to have a minimum of ONE HOUR to themselves. Those are the known clauses in the Mothers' Collective Convention.
The Captain has spoken and she WILL be respected, or at least heard. If she's lucky. If not, she's calling in her union rep.


Ringing in the New Year.. slowly

By Dunny found via Yokoo on Flickr

So I'll have to admit that although I'm looking forward to 2009, things have been off to um, a messy start! Gastro for B and Mateo on NYE, weird rash thing for me and a whole lot of sinus congestion. Well we managed to get the tree down and to clean the pantry... that's good right? I've always tried to ring in the New Year with a clean, uncluttered house. Ok, that's a lie. I could never live in a bare environment. Like NEVER. In my dreams I live in a stark white loft with floating stairs and lots of glass. In reality, I'm addicted to the Sally Ann and love found treasures. Why go against the stuff that I love so much? Like toast and butter.... yum.
I had also been questioning my presence here- as I often do- but this time quite seriously. I felt like such a slacker for not having posted since the 22nd. But heck, I was offline for 8 DAYS! Anyways, I've been catching up with my regular reads and feel so much better. No one has posted anything. The blogosphere is on hold until next week.
Until then, we write lists: TO DOS; BEST OF; RECAPS and MOVIES TO SEE FOR OSCAR PREP...
So get to it! Crack open your Moleskines and if you're making life changes remember to believe that you can do it, that you've always been able to do it but it just hadn't been the right time.
Time to Change.