Weekend Recap (long weekend edition)

Failing miserably at the NY Times Saturday puzzle by secretly going here
Laughing my heart out at this movie
Racing to meet my lovely Monday morning date, worrying about whether or not I'd look cute
Curling up in bed with my new boyfriend
Watching the boys make a snow man
Falling in love with Steve Martin
Creaming- nay- annihilating this lady
Sleeping in past 7
Enjoying the simplicity of a helium balloon
Anticipating March 6th@11h45
Realizing that brown rice isn't for me
Cringing as Luca stuffed a handful of red Swedish berries at Zoe's birthday party.
Knowing that I made a few people feel good about themselves
Meeting Stella
Trying to make sense of the next few weeks, knowing that B will be on site in Cornwall...


If you hate Rachel Ray and that show w/ Gwynneth makes you want to perform a lobotomy on yourself...

Please click here.
S.. you're hilarious!

retard: Me, not you

Why can't I seem to save a Flash image? Am I retarded?
Anyways, I wanted to show you some photos by Robert Christian Malmberg... a Brooklyn based photographer who does contemporary collodion portraits for high profile clients.
Anyways, his whole site is Flash, so I couldn't show you any of his work. Dang.
Y'all just have to go there yourselves.


More random stuff

I would like...

Can anyone get that done for me? Thanks...
British photographer Rachel Whiting, as seen on Decor8....


Uh Oh

It seems like I barely have time to breathe these days. Maybe it's the newfound mobility of our mini Phil Collins, or maybe it's just life switching from 3rd to 4th gear. Whatever it is, it's giving me a run for my money. I feel like I have a million things to catch up on. Whenever I have a minute it gets inevitably wasted. Facebook, cleaning the washroom mirror, half tidying up... whatever it is, I never really feel like I achieve anything.
Anyways, I found this new blog which, apart from being amazingly beautiful and inspiring, also had a very relevant post. It reminded me that whatever I do achieve, beit snooping on FB or cutting my nails, will be good enough. We can't go on stressing about all the stuff we could be doing- that wouldn't be very much fun at all and would inevitable end in me, locking myself in the pantry and crying.
Come on, I doubt the girls in Vicky Chrisina bothered thinking about the laundry.
So I won't either.


Art Stuff

I think I found this through Emma's Design blog... I LOVE them. No seriously, if it weren't for the three men living in this house.. this is the stuff that would be up on the walls.
The artist is a lady named Kavel Rafferty and if my bath wasn't running, I'd sum up her bio and give you the full blah blah. But I won't. I just like the pretty ladies.


Weekend Recap

Photo from Hannah Huffman
Dreaming of adventures
Catching up on an old favorite blog
Feeling enamored by this show
Popping color of the tulips I received from B and PP
Picturing Mateo sprawled naked on a bearskin rug, reading books
Enjoying the feeling of a great house and great friends on Saturday night
Breathing deep and feeling far away from the doom
Loving this idea
Saying goodnight to the boys and getting into the car, without aworry
Anticipating the 3mile mark this week


Another Week

I'm taking this one as a sick leave.
See you next week!


More Wallpaper

Loving this wallpaper...

From Gallant Tales
Care of Emma's Design blog
Some ideas for cut flower containers from Rose&Radish...
Is there anything more beautiful than tulips and ranunculus?


What's in a name?

If you ever want a design name... click here
Care of Monia

Tuck Her in

Some cute things to get me through yet another day at home...

All from Tucker by Gaby Basora- and you guys need to check out the prints available for each piece. Seriously amazing!
Care of Hey Susy!


Weekend Recap

Once again, savouring another amazing meal at this restaurant
Bragging rights from running in -20
Taking the metro with El Weinero
Having a partner that never holds anything against you
Knowing that when you think shit is hitting the fan, a full night of sleep can make everything better
Conquering my fear of dentists