Spring Cleaning!

So you're dearest little Cochonet was in The Gazette on Monday...
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Weekend Recap

Ringing in this young man's birthday
Spending an entire day (and then some) recovering from said birthday (two days, really?)
Hanging at the park with this lady and her brood
Enjoying the silence for the first time in days
Running an impromptu 4k with a seasoned runner and not feeling like an insecure beginner
Planning the weekly meals with my B
Digging watching this lady shake her stuff
Being offline for the weekend
Delighting in J+A's company
Taking advantage of the freedom that comes in the form of a wireless router
Thinking about a new side project with this lady
Feeling like next July is right around the corner
Trusting the universe


Spring in your step

I found this site over at Huffmania- man does she ever get it right. Her photos, her words, her MAN?! He bakes cookies...
Anyways, the site is dedicated to book covers and documents the designers as well as the typefaces used. I have a feeling it might come in handy for future concept boards and collages. This cover is designed by Gabriele Wilson.
You should also check out Hannah's spring manifesto... quite inspiring.


Casa Josephine

A full service B&B in the Rioja region of Spain. I present to you: Casa Josephine...
Need I say more?
All I need to know is: where do I sign and where is Javier Bardem?
Found through jodii: an AMAZING dutch design blog.


Back By Popular Demand

So yeah, I took a mini blog break.
Not an intentional one, rather one forced upon you by a small Bam-Bam like child who thinks stomping on keyboards is a fine way to spend a morning. I've barricaded the office and still, I find him smashing the printer with my cell phone.
If anything, this kid better become some famous thrill seeker millionaire to help pay for the liters of milk he's poured on the floor.

Weekend Recap:

Drooling over chicken enchiladas at this ladie's house
Subsequently washing down said enchiladas with numerous glasses of white wine
Spending a special morning with Mateo, riding the metro and waiting for the bus
Facing the music
Running with my new running partner
Overwhelming desire to spend all my waking moments here, here and here
Thanking this lady for keeping me sane
Enjoying a Monday sans children
Needing to get my sh*t in order



I leave you with nothing for the weekend.



English Country Garden
French Formal Kitchen Garden

Aren't they PERFECT? Is it too much to ask for?
Oops, gotta run, kids are home!


Paper Cuttings

So I was walking past Birks and noticed that their lovely spring box windows all showcase beautiful paper cuttings. Have you guys noticed how prevalent paper cutting has become on the craft scene?
So I've been looking at a lot of this stuff and it never ceases to amaze me. Do you realize how many x-acto blades are used to produce pieces like this? Hundreds, I'm sure!
Entitled Broken Flowers, and crafted by Dutch artist Peter Callesen (of COURSE he's Dutch... all cool things are Dutch) this piece I imagine is one of those must-see-in-real-life pieces. It was quite a challenge to pick just one work to showcase, so I highly recommend checking the rest of his work out... specially some of the larger scale paperworks here. Oh and you should read some of his texts.
Peter loves his A4.
Via The Storque


Weekend Recap

Riding the tractor with this birthday gal
Overhearing B weave tales of treasure chests and shark infested waters from the comfort of my down covered bed
Dreaming of gardens like this
Wondering where home will be
Missing my monkey for the week to come
Feeling a bit anxious


My recent wanderings into Twitter land have opened many new blog worlds... it's a bit overwhelming to be honest, but I'm happy as a clam with my new discovery.

Norwegian Wood is the Etsy shop of Montreal based designer Angie Johnson. She and her boyfriend printmaker and designer have a brick and mortar shop called Headquarters down on Amherst in The Village.
I love love love those pieces AND the hair. That's what my hair was suppose to look like. Hmmm. Ya, in retrospect, my TO do is not cutting it here. Not sure what to do about it, apart from waiting another 6 months for the next haircut. Grumble grumble.

Okay, but back to Norwegian Wood, she's also up for an Etsy Spring Fashion Nod.

Check out the other candidates here.
Read more about HeadQuarters here
Blog for the boutique
Etsy shop


Sleep and the virtues of....

So it's been a while since I've posted any pictures. It's your unlucky day, because I'm still not going to post any.

Yesterday was a huge day for me. I broke my first 5K mark on the treadmill. It took me a looooong 6 months to get there and I must admit that I was bored for most of the runs, but at least now I KNOW that I can run it. If ever I'm being chased down by a crazy psychopath with rubber arms, I can run to safety. Phew.
I'm pretty sore and not really looking forward to repeating that feat 4 times a week. But whatever. And I guess downing a half loaf of fresh baked bread with jam and butter might counter the effect of the 5K, but for the first time in my life, my aim is not to drop some extra pounds. Sure I may not be as graceful as the other gazelles who share the cardio room, but heck, if Tonka here can run it- so can YOU!
While it has certainly repelled me to the Very White Stratosphere, I've been "enjoying" every New Balance step.

p.s- Both kids slept in until 8h15 am TWO days in a row now. Take that Sarah!


Not enough time....

There are so many things that I want/NEED to share with you, but I just can't seem to get it together!! I'll be back next week with lots of fun, pretty stuff.
Like Twitter? Where have I been all this time?!?!
Okay, brb, I promise...


Weekend Recap

Giddying it all up inside
This film
Riding the CP rails with this lady
Laughing till hysterics took over
Going for a "run" with a terrible hangover
Cringing at the thought of the boys running amok without me
Needing to catch up on some phone calls and emails... sorry y'all
Blah blah blahing with an old wonderful friend
Envying all those hardcore interior designers, but knowing that it's just not a right fit for now
Rediscovering my birth town, and LOVING it
Sipping an amazing latte at Terroni's
Forging an unlikely bond with Lani, my hairdresser
Saving this place for next time
Scoring this book for the boys

Missing home like crazy



Style Infusion

So I'm leaving tomorrow. This will be my first trip alone since the year 2000. I'm not even kidding.
The kiddos are a-napping and I'm tearing the shit out of my wardrobe. Trenchcoat: lost. Black heels: lost. Black V-Neck: eaten by mountain lions, apparently.
So what's a monkey to do?
I'm not feeling so bad though, I picked up some great key pieces at the Sally Ann last week- notably some burgundy knee-high boots- which will make up the skeleton for the weekend wardrobe. I'm feeling like I need a style makeover. So I've decided: NO MOM CLOTHES. No jeans, no tee shirts, no blue fleece MEC pullover. I flipped through this book at the library and it reminded that YES! I have two rather decent legs and YES! I can wear heels during the day- just not the black or yellow ones which are lost. Anyways, I've got a suitcase packed full of wildly ridiculous patterns and prints and I'm oh so excited to wear them all together!
Thank you Isaac.


Weekend Recap

Finishing the Sunday NY Times puzzle (okay, B helped a little)
Crunching numbers
Being on double duty
Scoring BIG time at the Sally Ann
Dreaming of Friday @ 11h45
Making huge decisions
Paralyzing fears of change
Missing my bitches
Listening in on a love-in between B and Mateo (I love you papa, can I have a hug?)
Knowing that springtime is right around the corner