I give you ....

The Bolo? Read the Refinery29 piece about its comeback.
Justine- you should tell your brother.

Mini Break

So I think I'm going to take the week off from here. I need to organize the move so that I don't die of a panic attack next week.
Have a great week and thanks for all the birthday wishes.
This lady felt real special.


Weekend Recap Birthday Extravaganza Edition

Will come tomorrow- when it's not glorious outside!


Looky Looky, who turned Thirty?

I'd like every day to look and feel like this...

One Spring Day- by Yoote

Wasn't it just yesterday that I was 25 and thought I knew e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g? Smugger than me? Can't imagine! I seriously shudder when I think of things that came out of my mouth. And some of the fashion? Disastrous. Some of the haircuts? Hilarious, at best.
I guess what I'm clumsily trying to get at, is that I've come a long way and could have never done it without the very supportive people around me.
Thanks for putting up with my bossiness, my food snobbery and late night stumblings of yore. The hysterical phone calls and eau-de-spit-up perfume; the non-existant email responses and missing phone calls. Please forgive me for my sometimes brutish tone on the phone- specially you Justine! I'm sorry I made my sister's life MISERABLE for 3 years while we lived together- it's amazing she still talks to me. No jokes!
So yeah, a big cheers to all of you and big happy birthday to me!


For my new bedroom?

Can't stop with the art work...

Letterpress stitched print by California based artitst Lisa Solomon



Ever wonder who stole your missing sock....

Sergio Tiger Tiny Print $15
Leo Masked Kitten $25
Marcel Tiny Print $15

Mati Rose, San Francisco artist married to choice illustrator to the Black Crowes, Hugh D'Andrade.. um, how much fun must their studio be??
{via HQ Galleries}


Weekend Recap Take Deux

Ridding myself of my non-driver status
Completing my first 5K race with an amazing bunch of women
Cursing that last kilometer and swearing that I'll NEVER run another step
Thinking about registering for the Tour Du Lac 10k minutes later
Hashing it out with B
Exhausting my emotional supply
Signing for our new home
Feeling serious envy of A's house
Trying to be kind to myself
Having problems doing above mentioned
Hoping to sleep soundly this week

Weekend Recap Race Edition

will be a little late this week!


If you're in Toronto this weekend...

I think you should check this out...

City of Craft
& the workroom present
The Hunt & Gather Trunk Show
Sunday April 19, 2009
the workroom
1340 Queen Street West

I have a hunch it might be, um, awesome. If only because there will be loads of local peeps like these lovely people.


Rules to live by...

  • Invest in one good antique to anchor a room.
  • Always have an extra case of champagne on hand.
  • Read Remembrance of Things Past for inspiration—but only 13 pages a night, so you don't get burned out.
  • It's a given to have fresh flowers around; keeping them monochromatic is the easiest way to have major impact.
  • Check your mother's and father's closets. Way in the back, there's always a jewel—even old slippers.
  • Plan a trip to Paris, just for the flea markets.
  • A collection doesn't have to be accumulated over time. Sometimes it's fun to buy the whole thing at once.
  • Forget about purebred dogs; adopt a mutt.
  • A framed drawing of your pet by a friend can be more meaningful than the most expensive Matisse.
  • Make a collage on your refrigerator of museum stickers, invitations, funny notes, and every time you reach for something, you'll be reminded of how lucky you are.
  • Close your eyes for 30 seconds at least once during the day, to be quiet and grateful.
  • Buy your favorite books in hardback—that's one thing you'll never grow tired of.
  • Always have enough negative space in a room, so the eye has a chance to relax.
  • Don't throw away old clothes, furniture or knickknacks—drop them at Goodwill.
  • Monogram as much as you can! It shows you care.
From Libertine (published by Domino) via {fieldguided}


Serious Branding

Ever wonder about these gorgeous glossy magazines? Like how, all of sudden, about 6 years ago, everything started looking the same? Everything on white dishes, everything looking so clean and simple- so EASY, yet so contrived? Turns out, duh, there is this ring of stylists and brand specialists that plot those looks out for us layfolk.
I give you Vanessa Holden - donna hay, martha stewart weddings, real simple. To name but a few.
So check out her website- it's seriously AMAZING. I love all the little tricks and touches she added. Well I guess I shouldn't expect any less from a branding specialist!

I wonder how much fun her job actually is? I bet you she's the lady that says "Make it bluer; take those away- gawd they're HIDEOUS; that looks great but can we get that centered?; where's my coffee; go get my dry cleaning."
I likey.


Weekend Recap: Easter Edition

Spending some quality time with the G. Love
Listening to the stillness. Luca on my lap, my eyes on the pond
Dragging myself up the Badger Hill.
Cursing Ms. D for above-mentioned superhuman feat
Trying to figure out the coming birthday bonanzas
Playing a killer game of Scrabble with some old friends
Saying goodbye to the family cat
Struggling with the Saturday Puzzle- even with the entire team on the job
Rolling out of bed at 9h30- in my own private studio!
Delighting in the joy shared between grandfathers and toddlers
Hunting for eggs in a seriously lovely treasure hunt
Feeling very grateful for all the help and all the love
Knowing what awaits me at home
Debating between colors. Still


Long Weekend Sendoff

Went to check out paint swatches for the new pad and I'm flip flopping....I go from monochromatic french grays with pops of orange, to robins' egg blue with dashes of pink, red and white...Wonderful bookcase from the always talented Yvestown...her Flickr sets make me swoon. She also reminded me of how much I love this stuff...

Ok, have a great great great long weekend!
My shoulders are so sore from our yoga class last night, that I just can't type anymore! Can't wait for next week... will keep you ladies posted on the dets.
So long!


Quick Plug

For the yoga class tonight!
If you Montrealers running ladies are looking for a good yoga clinic (specifically for runners) then come to Moksha NDG Yoga (4260 Girouard) tonight at 8pm!
Can't wait to see you ladies!

Art n' stuff

I won't even bother telling you anything. These pieces seriously speak for themselves:

Perfect for my new scandinavian life!
Sarajo Frieden L.A based artist.
Lila Rogers Agency (if you want to drool some more... )
{via Creature Comforts}


New Etsy!

So, if you like my banner and this banner.... y'all will be thrilled to know that Jess from Linear Ramblings has just launched her Etsy shoppe.

Strange bird is one of my favorites... I love how layered her work is. Hopefully this one will be up at the shop soon... Hint hint.
Support a brother. Buy some prints!


Weekend Recap

Loving-nay adoring my iGoogle: Blogger, gmail, twitter AND the weather? Awesome
Cocooning and enjoying this movie- thanks to my justine
Feeling like we should have done more the kids
Needing to step it up a bit in the running area
Giggling at all your comments
Reeling from the overwhelming week
Discovering this blog {via this blog}
Looking forward to some time in Knowlton with the D-lady
Scaling things down, to make bigger things happen in the future
Footloosing it and fancyfreeing it at this movie with B
Running down to the market with this lady
Overwhelming need to firebomb the Premiere Moisson in above mentioned market
Knowing that you're making the right decision
Picking out paint swatches for the new look...

oh and...


That's right. All Caps.


Door Sixteen

Finally! I've found visual proof that painting wood floors white is a GREAT idea. Bruno is going to die!
Not too sure how I haven't come across this lady before, but anyways, I stumbled on her site last night and it was INSTA LOVE. Everything: the house, the love for white and black, the hair...
She's got me dreaming about restoring an old Victorian house and living in a small town. Book cover designer by day, blogger by night and friend of Camilla Engman.... all signs point to new blog crush. So yeah, DoorSixteen... give it a whirl.


Friday Sendoff

HELP! Someone has broken into my house, staged a photo shoot and published it on Design*Sponge without crediting me...

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

house actually belongs to this talented photographer and this graphic designer


Cute Food Stuff

These were mainly for Sarah, but I thought I'd kill two dumb birds with one genius stone:

Eric Carle Caterpillar Cupcake Party from CoCo Cupcakes
Adam Pearson: Food Stylist, and life partner of ...

Matt Armendarariz : ridiculously cute and talented

Delicious Days: awe inspiring food photography and styling

For more amazing food photography and styling- you MUST check out William Brinson!


Yes Please- more goosebumps

Ukelele: Check
Cute Lisa Loeb glasses: Check
Amazing camp factor: Check
Goosebump quotient: High

Danielle Ate The Sandwhich

via Dear Golden