Serious Branding

Ever wonder about these gorgeous glossy magazines? Like how, all of sudden, about 6 years ago, everything started looking the same? Everything on white dishes, everything looking so clean and simple- so EASY, yet so contrived? Turns out, duh, there is this ring of stylists and brand specialists that plot those looks out for us layfolk.
I give you Vanessa Holden - donna hay, martha stewart weddings, real simple. To name but a few.
So check out her website- it's seriously AMAZING. I love all the little tricks and touches she added. Well I guess I shouldn't expect any less from a branding specialist!

I wonder how much fun her job actually is? I bet you she's the lady that says "Make it bluer; take those away- gawd they're HIDEOUS; that looks great but can we get that centered?; where's my coffee; go get my dry cleaning."
I likey.

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