Holiday Sendoff

So the lasagna is in the oven, the pterodactyl is sleeping and Mateo is destroying my address book. What better time than to pop in here and say:

I should really recap the last couple of weeks for you or write something truly heartfelt, but my fingers are ravaged by holiday gangrene and my brain is still wired on 5am wake-up call. So forgive me.
I DO want to thank you for popping in here and posting comments (the highlight of my bloglife)... it's been a fun blogging year and I can't wait for 2009.
But for now, there's work to be done and dishes to ignore!
So be kind and be patient towards your loved ones. Try to make this holiday season a bit more um, life-giving? It'll come back to you tenfold. I promise.

Evil Le Dary


I'm back, however still in need of a temp

I may have glued my fingers together with industrial strength adhesive. At least I won't have any finger prints left... I'm opening myself up to the wonderful world of crime!
So until the authorities nab me, here's some ceramic work from Turkey:

Pretty cute, eh? From Studiotto
Ok, back to my torture.


Temp Needed

Blogging will resume later on this week. I'm too busy wiping up peepee, being angry and watching this.


Uh oh

Photo courtesy of The Small Object

So the annual Christmas insomnia is upon me. Whip up is certainly not helping any, nor is the incredibly slow Jean Coutu online photo department.
My mind is abuzz with ideas of stitched craft paper envelopes and photo booth surprises for B; threaded ornaments and embroidered owls; new craft blogs and amazing roundups: bref, everything. Even my jigsaw puzzle and newfound breadmaking fever are keeping me from my sleep.
Oh well, I guess there will be sleep in January?


So here I am, trying to sort out all the projects that need to happen between now and December 24th, and all I seem to do is gravitate towards the computer. Damn you, hordes of readers (ha!).
I found this Etsy vendor who also has a great blog (well, who doesn't?)
Found through Whip Up (aka: best site on the world)


Ansel Villedary

Hilary once found me in tears in the Photography section of Chapters. The tears were neither caused by a hangover, an evil boy nor my mother. Nope. These were real tears inspired by Ansel Adams.
Taos Pueblo, New MexicoTaos Pueblo, New MexicoTaos Pueblo, New Mexico

So when my sister sent me her photos from New Mexico, the same emotions were triggered. Photos by Gwen Villedary (click them to see them large scale, the small format doesn't do them justice).


Hunting Fashions

Aren't these AMAZING? Handmade in the U.S, it's a shame these are only for men, and that they're only $350 at Bergdoff's.

Read here for a brief history of hunting fashion. They would go so well with my red plaid jacket.


Samplings of a Christmas list

1" Screws
Robot Book
Beer making kit

Quick Kidneys

On Friday November 29th 2007, my sister received a kidney from an anonymous donor.
Being a donor is not for everyone, and before this all happened to Gwenny, I don't think I would've checked that little box on the back of my Medicare card. But I since have, and I'm happy. So take a couple of minutes tonight over dinner and talk about it.

Happy kidney anniversary!


Weekend Recap

Where to start...

Taking up an impromptu babysitting offer
Walking arm in arm with my mom
Learning a whole whackload of stuff from this lady
Getting a chance to see my Munkee in her element
Visiting 738 Walker and leaving with delicious cookie in my mouth and warm fuzzies in my heart
Being totally floored by this movie
Feeling quite relieved that I was alone and free to bawl my eyes out free from judgement
Fearing the week ahead and the countdown to Christmas
Despising the virus season and thus turning the TV back on after its' long hibernation