Crochet Hook

For all you crochet lovers, here's a complete tutorial on sculptural crochet techniques...
It's pretty amazing... oh and check out Whip Up for an infinite wealth of tutorials and how-to guides for creative gift giving and general goodness. Have I ever led you astray?


Lazy Post

Illustrations by Christopher David Ryan originally posted on Oh Joy!

I like them


Advent Calendars (or other Christmas crafts that I often threaten to make, but then forget about... )

Okay so my photo setting is off, but I'm far too lazy to erase this post and start up again.
We somehow got on the subject of Advent Calendars last week and I've been struggling to get them out of my head. But how much fun would it be to open, one door every morning and to have one surprise? Here's some inspiration for your guys...

Left-The felt tree is from Green Kitchen and is actually a Solstice Calendar

Far Left- The felt pockets are from our clever girls at the PurlBee

If you don't feel like pumping yourself, or your kids full of chocolate, you can click here for a great Advent write up
and original ideas that avoid 27 grams of sugar and a whole lot of tantrums.


Weekend Recap

Stretching my downwards dog to this film
Visiting a new library
Eating the most delicious hazelnut cake
Having that delicious piece of cake intercepted by a baby whose name rhymes with Puca
Watching Mateo and Luca dance to this song
Eating some bacon and patates with B
Playing hopscotch in our hallway
Waking up with neither laundry to do, nor meals to cook, just a full day to enjoy
Prepping a pretty lame week of posts here at Cochonet!
Knowing that the Weekend Recap is irresistible to some...


Branching out

I've been thinking about coniferous branches for my seasonal foliage basket and I stumbled on this Brooklyn based botanical boutique. The store is called Nettleton Hollow and stocks the most amazing branches, pods and grasses. Everything you need to make a statement like those grapewood branches or these great mossy sticks. Oh and did you know that a wreath, a FAKE wreath can knock you out $200??? I saw one at the Bay a few weeks ago and nearly fell into the nearest silver and turquoise Christmas tree. I mean, $200?? Come on now.
Maybe I should make real wreaths and sell then for $100. Any takers?


More Patterns

Ok, from now on only post photos. Ok?

*Photos from anamariahorner.blogspot.com

I hate writing. Funny thing, eh? Love blogging and the writing part is what held me back for so long. It's not so intimidating anymore, but it's still a pain.
Anyways, Anna Maria Horner is a fabric designerwho has recently written a lovely book and updates an even more lovely blog. I'm digging her bold blues- the only good blues. She's also launching a homewares collection- aprons, rugs and things.
Perhaps the next Amy Butler?



Weekend Recap

00Taking notes on a Friday night
This song
Slurping soup and dipping grilled cheese sandwiches
Playing with trains on a rainy morning
This song
Getting kisses from Luca
Realizing that I may not have much time to blog this week
This Flickr Group
Planning our weekly meals (any ideas?!)
Knowing that I'm married to a good man, one that I'd want my daughter to marry
Feeling lost in the blogworld and lagging in my correspondance
Eating impromptu breakfast with my parents
Listening to stories from New Mexico
Trying to not be too hard on myself, but also hoping to get some stuff done


More on Yokoo

Remember Yokoo?

Well, since our last post, she's been featured EVERYWHERE! Urban Outfitters Blog, Nylon, Style Bubble, Refinery 29! Yay for her!

Flickr Dreaming

Meet Marcinema:

Isn't she the cutest? I've been browsing through her Flickr photos all afternoon. She kind of reminds me of pre-babies Emeline. I seem to forget about her sometimes, it's nice to be reminded.
Flickr, Blog



Hedgehogs are the new reindeers?

All from AppleandEve...Flickr, Blog, Etsy



Ok, so if my computer wasn't so slow and if I didn't have a baby hanging off my jeans, I'd post a million pictures and write up a mini bio on Julia Rothman. In the meantime, just check out her stuff: super fun patterns, ceramics and other wonders. Also check out her AMAZING blog.
To my ladies, I'm really sorry about my MIA status- naps have been unsynchronized and there are two small pterodactyls barking orders at me all.the.time. As soon as this darn moon isn't full anymore, everything will be good again, right?


Weekend Recap

Spending a quiet morning here
Walking in my old hood, looking at all the new shops
Spying on the koi fish at the greenhouse
Unwrapping my new Moleskine
Zipping through the Westmount craft fair
Spending an evening with B., sans children
Drooling over this book, this book and finally buying this book
Dreaming of expanding my creative book collection
Getting to the church on time


Mini Break

I'm taking a mini-break from blogosphere. It's too nice outside.
See you mid-week, hopefully with some fun stuff.
Good luck to Aimée and jam crew at the swap!


Working Idea

Ever get a flash of genius, like 5 minutes too late. Story of my life. I give you example 7 410 056:
The Workroom, the first Toronto sew-and-craft-by-the-hour-shop.

Genius. Check out their blog here.
Thanks to PoppyTalk for the pics and the link.


Weekend Recaps (from a few weekends)

Flipping through this book
Looking forward to more lazy days spent here
Enjoying- ok more like loving the new look
Pulling pranks and playing in our family magic show
Watching this movie, popcorn in lap, beer in hand
Wondering why D locked Mateo outside. Alone
Snapping shots of crisp fall mornings
Lusting over late harvest produce here- with my Monkey
Kicking back and watching storytime unfold- papa styles
Laughing my DeeDee Ramone head off
Hiding and seeking with Mateo
Checking things off my list

Things that were left behind

Of all the things I miss from my former life, I miss music the most. It was almost too easy to let go. You fall back and listen to some classics and you never bother to try and listen to anything new. And when you're married to someone who's stuck in the late 90's, musically, well, you kind of just give up.

Sure, I'll read Paste here and there, and will always catch up on the Top Ten Lists of various music critics, but I don't enjoy music in the same way. I think I've even googled "good cool music". So I'm not totally clueless, but still.

I've spent a bit of time by myself and upon this recommendation (and many others) I went to see this film. Well, I almost fell over when, at a the culminating point of the film, this piece of music played. It hit me so hard and so honestly. It reminded me of the power of music.
Now, I barely ever play YouTube videos on other blogs- but I BEG YOU. To sit down, close your eyes and just listen.

Eric Satie Gymnopedie No1.


More heaven

More from Smosch...

I can't get enough.


I like

Party Tricks
Lady on Chair
Birds with Red Dots

I read encyclopedias from all different era’s to get a good feeling for how history or stories change over time. I read all kind of magazines or books, from all different eras on subjects ranging from biology to biography to how to throw a party for young children. I take a lot of notes on things that I think would be useful or unusual as a subject matter, a title, or the springboard for another idea. I think that is how a lot of artist refine their experience in the world, they dig and then organize what they find.

Excerpt from Q&A with Dawn Cerny here.Via HeySusy


Oops, where is my mind?

Okay, so this week has been a bit loopy. I'm extremely scattered and for some reason ALL MY PANTS ARE TOO TIGHT. I need a winter mumu.
Anyways, breaking news: Cochonet turned ONE on the 23rd! Well not exactly, as I had started in November of 2006 with this lame post but sadly, had never looked at it again until a certain someone outted me to B. Well, I got back on that blogging horse and I'm so very happy I did.
Some posts are redundant, others are unoriginal and most are clumsily written... but I like them just the way they are.
So there you have it! One year already.