Things that were left behind

Of all the things I miss from my former life, I miss music the most. It was almost too easy to let go. You fall back and listen to some classics and you never bother to try and listen to anything new. And when you're married to someone who's stuck in the late 90's, musically, well, you kind of just give up.

Sure, I'll read Paste here and there, and will always catch up on the Top Ten Lists of various music critics, but I don't enjoy music in the same way. I think I've even googled "good cool music". So I'm not totally clueless, but still.

I've spent a bit of time by myself and upon this recommendation (and many others) I went to see this film. Well, I almost fell over when, at a the culminating point of the film, this piece of music played. It hit me so hard and so honestly. It reminded me of the power of music.
Now, I barely ever play YouTube videos on other blogs- but I BEG YOU. To sit down, close your eyes and just listen.

Eric Satie Gymnopedie No1.

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