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Sandra Juto: Blog::portfolio::flickr


Oh my,

Jenny-wiksten-made-Gordy's search for the perfect black jean is mesmerizing. Scratch that, all of Jenny's latest posts are great, specially Bold Necklace hunt...
Also led me to this find for Lena Corwin.
No pictures...sorry!


Wood Block Books

Miranda with Pink Gloves on Meech Lake, 2008

I love the translucent quality of watercolor- isn't Miranda BEAUTIFUL? I once had a hat like that- I think it was abandoned on the floor of either Miami or Bifteck once upon a design-school time. Aaaah, those were the days!
Canadian illustrator, publisher, writer and art director Leanne Shampton. You can buy the block books at John Derian in NYC and see the rest of her books here.

I'll be going to Knowlton on Thursday so I'm trying to figure out goodies to post here for the time that I'll be gone- but if I don't manage, I'll see you again next week?


Weekend Recap

Pampering myself with manicure/pedicure, new makeup (thanks juice!)
Shuddering at how many times I've heard *mani-pedi* this past week
Loving my man in his suit
Reading this book in the car
Resenting Denise (the front desk clerk) for the absence of king size beds in the hotel
Missing exit 57 due to said book
Getting all teary-eyed at the vows
Witnessing a dance-off of grand proportions
Reliving my passion for RockyHorrorPicture Show on the dance floor
Being outraged when the barkeep announced *we're out of white wine*
Rocking the wraparound french braid
Feeling DONE with cupcakes and blue icing
Enjoying all the alone time w/B and remembering how much we loved talking to each other
Tugging at my heart when i realized how much i missed the boys
Looking forward to doing it all over again next weekend!


Teapot Friday Wedding Edition

We're off to the Laurentians for a wedding this weekend. Thought I would give you my top choices from the Bloomingdale's Registry Boutique:

Simple, white, over $200. Essential pre-requisites when choosing a teapot for your registry. Now, if only they came in red...


Paper Planes

Long time blogger and graphic designer, contemporary paper designer Suzie Jack! I rekindled my romance with her blog last week and can't stop going to her shop. Her stuff just makes me happy- I could picture myself opting to go with something similar for a corporate identity or something. Or even personal thank you notes, greeting cards?
So here's a sample of her stuff- super random and without separate descriptions because I'm suuuuper lazy this morning!

Calendar is my fav. Be sure to check out her blog- her content is always original and she finds all these beautiful themes that she documents. I sometimes want my house to look like one of her posts... that's a good thing, right?
SuzieJack Shop
SuzieJack Home
SuzieJack Blog
Enjoy... we're off to the pool. Maybe I can finally fix my tan and STOP wearing these ridiculous tube tops. Seriously, I look like the tramp mother of two illegitimate children.


Anthro Love

Here is my seasonal anthropologie roundup:

Soooooo, get buying ladies- total outfit cost would only be like $2000...


morning observations

  • apartment floor is apparently a toilet
  • cure to worst hair day ever: shave bangs
  • missing shoe is not a deterrent to outside adventure
  • no amount of deodorant will take the B.O away today...sorry suzanne
  • need a personal assistant to organize snacks
  • need that tunic from Toast in order to be whole again
  • i'll be back tomorrow with better stuff- the poodle hair is poisoning my blogging brain!


Weekend Recap

Chasing fireworks
Entertaining Mateo with my nautical prowess
Eating pancakes, strawberries and bananas as a midday meal, in bed, with B and the crossword
Being freed of my culinary duties on a Sunday night
Hoping Justine made it ok
Wondering how I ended up with babies in my bed all weekend
Completing an 18K run
Crossing one more NDG eatery off our list. For good
Hoping that these i-teeth are going to come in quickly
Taking all morning to do groceries, clean the fridge and put everything away
Reading this book and not feeling it
Rejoicing the the sunshine streaming in through the curtains
Detesting the pile of clothes on my floor


Teapot Friday

A bit of porcelaine love straight from Argentina....

Teapot with a cold: $120

saved the best for last....


On Music: in two parts

I'm trying to find some new music these days. Don't get me wrong, I've loved my Royal Tennenbaums soundtrackbut both B and I are getting a bit tired of Police&Thieves (who knew?). My ipod is sounding as redundand as most of my blog posts and CBC radio2 just played the WORST east coast haligonian rock I've ever heard.
What's a monkey to do?
The Internet will surely have the answer! Here's what it's offered up to please me...
  • Urban Outfitters LSTN now streams playlists and offers up the mp3s for free-which is genius! Super fun easy way to lay your ears on some new tunes. {via for me, for you-}
So that's it ladies, I'm sweating and need more coffee.


morning observations

(photo by Jen at SimplyBreakfast: website, etsy, enjoy)

  • audio books are the new television.
  • 5h55am is not an appropriate wake up time
  • kashi puffed 7 grain cereal+half a banana+ handful dried cranberries+slivered almonds=genius
  • coffee is best when not shared with 2 year old
  • apparently monsters hide in curtains
  • hopefully we will all be happier today, but knowing that Justine was "out for blood" yesterday made me feel so much better about being irrationally foul.

new to me, old to everyone else....

ashley and drew. ashley and drew and Urban Outfitters.

i love your scarf
hopes and dreams
a moment of solitude
a look only you would understand

all are prints of original illustrations in ink then digitally colored. all $20usd. all available here.
yet another stellar thing that comes from portland. grrrrrr.


Weekend Recap

Fantasizing about angels lifting me up to the heavens for the last hour and a half of the run
Ordering pizza and settling in for a quiet night with this movie
Swelling, nay, elephantitis of my eyelids from the 3 hrs of crying caused by said movie
Catching This American Life live on the radio
Reacquainting myself with this blog
Cutting up bread and stale bagels for the fish at Beaver Pond
Realizing that all the fish at Beaver Pond are dead
Drooling over these
Wanting to tune out to incessant irrational demands from 3 yr old
Drawing the line at dogs in strollers. Come on now
Bookmarking like a madwoman
Kicking the ball around with 3 generations of Garbarinos
Looking forward to a well deserved day sans children and a shopping date with an old friend


For Annabelle

I have no words to describe this:

Simply genius. Can we hang it above your bed?
From Feeling Stitchy via MakeSomething... you should check out the indigo dress she just made and dyed.
I have also made a mental note to proofread the posts BEFORE I hit Publish. Not after. Starting tomorrow.


Teapot Friday

I'm just tickled to be on my patio, watching the kids and *shopping* for teapots...
I give you....

`Electric Kettle from Japanese Houseware brand Metaphys
Garden Factory Planters by Metaphys

Now you guys have a great weekend!


Small Stump

Remove Formatting from selection

this is going to be much shorter than I had anticipated. Something about a writhing toddler and crackers will force me to cut this short.

A few observations from this morning:

There is really only time to either floss or make snacks in the morning. Today I picked flossing.
Teaspoons are effective weapons in 2yr old vs 3yr old battle
Although somewhat dangerous, scalloped edged scissors are an okay toy while mom flosses
It only requires 1 hour to convince 3 yr old to dress himself
CBC Radio2 and a knob of butter makes everything ok
Blogging, making grilled cheese AND plucking eyebrows is not as easy as it looks
I'm feeling a parenting book from Cochonet Rouge is the next logical progression? No?

On another non child (hence non Here are some prints from Small Stump (floral designer genius from Rose and Radish:Pick Something Else SilkScreen $15

Inside Outside Silk Screen $28

The fridge has just been taken hostage by two small pirates...


Wishing i was Casey

The best part about not blogging for awhile is finding all the bookmarked sites I had planned on blogging about.
Like this one, an online tribute to Casey from his friend Anjelika, who I found in a maze of links that included MakeSomething and HeartExplosion , which are both ridiculously inspiring and motivating.
Anyways, I really liked this idea and I bet that Casey felt pretty special. Maybe a bit embarrassed, but definitely loved.


Sweet Fine Day

Marshmallow Sampler Pack from Whimsy&Spice

I think it was Holly from Decor8 who mentioned that she had ordered a sampler pack from Whimsy & Spice. "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Is there anything the Internet CAN'T DO" I asked myself? Intrigued by the idea of delivery baked goods I immediately followed the link and ended up discovering the most beautiful space. Husband and wife team of art directors, designers and pastry chefs Jenna and Mark seem to have it all figured out and document it beautifully.
Now I know I've said this before, but SERIOUSLY, everything these people do is golden. THE BLOG has become my homepage and the basis for many fantasies about my future. Her photography, her writing , the fact that she has two little ones (one picky & one terrible twos) all these things just have me hypnotized. So that's my recommendation of the day. Whimsy & Spice. The End.


Weekend Recap! (i know... i know...)

Listening to Mateo's chatter about being a strong boy, eating pizza and wanting to hold sharks
Watching this movie- again- and still loving it. Specially all the vests
Helping my dad stock the pond with trout
Wishing I had run more- damn those Townships are hilly
Devouring this cake. Seriously Aimee, the orange MAKES this cake! YUM!
Wearing red gardening clogs- thanks Maman
Driving that pick up truck
Contemplating how big Luca had gotten
Loving my morning coffee with D- always wishing it was longer
Admiring Mateo as he held his own in a group of brave boy-frog hunters
Making a feeble attempt at bingo
Being thwarted by masses of elderly bingo players
Visiting a magical place that was the setting for about 15 years of the best memories
Putting the boys on horseback at that very place
Pouring over this book, over and over again
Being part of a truly wonderful 50th birthday party
Knowing where I want to be when I'm 50
Falling in love with a house- to the point of tears (did I ever claim to be level-headed? NO)
Looking forward to being a bit more present here