On Music: in two parts

I'm trying to find some new music these days. Don't get me wrong, I've loved my Royal Tennenbaums soundtrackbut both B and I are getting a bit tired of Police&Thieves (who knew?). My ipod is sounding as redundand as most of my blog posts and CBC radio2 just played the WORST east coast haligonian rock I've ever heard.
What's a monkey to do?
The Internet will surely have the answer! Here's what it's offered up to please me...
  • Urban Outfitters LSTN now streams playlists and offers up the mp3s for free-which is genius! Super fun easy way to lay your ears on some new tunes. {via for me, for you-}
So that's it ladies, I'm sweating and need more coffee.


Anonymous said...

HALLELUJAH. That Urban Outfitters stream is brillziant. No more incessant GAG-A and BoomBoomBoom Peas via Virgin radio all day at work.

Rebecca M. said...

Tee hee I'm curious who the worst Haligonian rock is. :)