The Fall Of Emeline

Things I've learned this week:

When meal planning, it's always helpful to write a grocery list. This will avoid situations like: It's 2pm and I want to start my pot roast. Yet there is no beef stock, no tomato concentrate,no red wine, no rosemary, no thyme. hmmm. Raincheck on the pot roast.

When dealing with suppliers, it is often helpful to ignore them. They tend to bring their prices down.

When reading grant and loan applications, it is important to read the eligibility criteria.

When asking people for reference letters, it is important to know BEFORE contacting them that there are certain forms that need to be filled out. This will avoid that shameful call back.

When planning to post surveys on FB or Twitter, always check the link. Like 5 times over. And swallow your "I don't use Facebook" line- no one wants to hear that.

When writing that lame blog post that is way overdue, it is important to thank everyone and say sorry for Falling off. Again.

And yes, if you haven't filled out the survey: PLEASE DO