Spring Blooms!

Give me a pile of money and endless opportunities to indulge my every whim, I would jump on a Japan-bound plane to learn Ikebana, the art of flower arrangement.
I've always had a thing for flowers.
When I was a kid, we had a florist on the ground floor of our building. I remember walking down the long hallway of fridges, pressing my nose against the glass, dreaming of big castles filled with tulips, peonies and ranunculus.
This time of year is my favorite time for flowers... nothing amazes me more than spring bulbs popping up in everyone's front yard. I HATE YELLOW TULIPS, they're the worst.
A few years ago, armed with my drunken sensibility, I became the Tulip Burglar. On my way home from the bar, I picked one tulip out of each garden- as to not stir any suspicion. Pretty clever eh?. The next morning, I awoke to a pounding headache and the most beautiful arrangement and variety of tulips I had seen since my early florist drooling days. I was a genius. I continued for a few nights until the guilt ate me up inside and I had no more vases left to fill.

So now you all know my big dirty secret. I am the tulip thief that ruined your garden 6 years ago! i regret nothing.


Back by popular demand

So I've recently gotten a few comments on my non-blogging status... ya , you know who you are!! Honestly... you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Here's an IN & OUT list to keep you "all" up to date with what's been going on:

Synchro naps
3 healthy home cooked meals/day... plus packed lunches for the hubby
Weekly organized meal planning
Full time cloth diapering
Wednesday nights gossip-fest
Blow dried hair
Clean clothes
Relaxed evenings spent with crochet, rosé and American Idol
Regular blogging/blog reading/facebooking/communication with outside world
Overall normalcy

Rat-like up dos and balding patches
Daydreaming of life without babies
Zucchini muffins
Chewed up cuticles
Return of the finger gangrene
Strict BurritoVille diet
Messy... okay I meant dirty house
Forgetting things like keys, bankcards and wallets in random establishments.
Cheesy rice and broccoli
Stressing out about time and all the birthdays, christenings, mothers' day, fathers' day stuff.

So there you have it.


Ideas flowing

Not in my head, but obviously in Mads Hagstroem's. Those Scandinavians...
... check it out, it's a place where you can buy tolerance, clear air, 100% non GMO.

Things that don't make me have panic attacks

Sofie Andersson (swede, of course) interior stylist with clients such as Ikea, Elle Decor... pretty much on par with my design career. Ya.
But seriously, how does one even get close to working for a design magazine... ? Sounds so much cooler than plotting away on Autocad and making mistakes that cost thousands of dollars.


Weekend Recap

This film. I'll spare you the pseudo-film student crap, but I will say this: FINALLY, an original and refreshing story. Thought provoking and intelligent, Daniel Day Lewis is a genius.
Prepping for B.'s departure.
Breakfast out, tantrums on the side.Disc Two of the Conchords... LOVING Brett's little spider legs and angry dancing!
Laundry-loads of it
Taxes (woo-hoo!)

Nothing blog-worthy, so I'll stop.


To make up for lost time....

My newfound freedom gave me a few minutes to peruse Etsy.. and lookie lookie what I found:

Nostalgic, quirky, delicate and curious collages from Dollface Design : all original Archival prints for under $20... yes please!

And you thought there would be no teapot...



Graham Brown LLB Mystique Wallpaper

Not much else is going on over on our end... feeling super happy at the sight of the first spring buds... feeling not so happy at the prospect of running after a traffic-dodging toddler for the next 6 months....
Oh and for those of you looking for great kids' gifts check out the Melissa & Doug puzzles over at the Knowlton Station... they're on sale!!!
Go for the puzzles... stay for great parenting advice and delicious cappuccinos!

For those of you interested in unique web design... check out David Stark's (Event Planner Extraordinaire) website and click on the Draw icon... have I ever disappointed you? Just do it.
Have a great weekend!


Pros and Cons

Waking up at 5am:

PRO: Dinner and Lunch are already made! Thanks to Aimée for her delicious asparagus tart idea!
CON: It's 8am and I've been up for 3 hours

PRO: I can confirm that H&M will be opening up a flagship store on the corner of Peel and Ste-Catherine. Those of you with retail addictions have been warned.
CON: My brain is so broken that I can't even surf the internet efficiently. I think the internet is broken

PRO: ... still thinking of one
CON: Sleeptime tonight does not get pushed forward.

PRO: Extended snuggle times in bed
CON: Sheets are getting dirtier by the minute


Wow- two in a row!

Apparently, Hugo Guinness has already been overexposed. News to me.
A British artist with a contact sheet that includes Kate Spade, Wes Anderson and the New York Elite... his work has that found object preciousness that I love. His work is available at the curio-shoppe John Derian

Hugo Guinness prints @ John Derian. NYC
btw- Guinness is also the auteur of the mad motorcycle paintings in the Royal Tennenbaums

John Derian decoupage
John Derian booth @ the NY Gift Show

You can do more browsing here
Derian plates
All of this courtesy of Habitually Chic, of course!


Springtime and the recovery song

Well we are back. Suffering from a bit of writers' block, but back nonetheless.
Let me see, I've missed a few weekend recaps, loads of teapots and a heap of artists. I'm sure you have already forgiven me.

First things first:
I don't usually watch romantic comedies... they're just not my thing. Alas, when you're head is in the toilet and it's B's turn to take the kids out for a walk, you end up with this film. It's no English Patient or anything; but it has a really fantastic house, some great songs and a truly charming main character.
So don't run to the video store, but if you feel like going brain dead for about 96 minutes, you should give it a shot.

Featured Artist:
Mateo Ilasco. A jackeline of all trades really. She also heads a design sale called Modern Economy... only wish it would stop off here... sniff. Check out her blog... it's a nice mix of design, fashion, papergoods and stuff I like.
I'm quite sure this one came via someone else... not too sure who though. Rest assured that I wasn't clever enough to deniche her all by my lonesome. And yes, I know 'deniche' is not a real word. But it's French and it sounds good, so there.

And PoppyTalk? Again, I just got the blog-memo. Man these people are awesome... and they sure know their Etsy shops... damn.

Oh and just so you all know:
My name is Emeline and I watch American Idol.

There, I don't have to feel guilty anymore. I'm very excited for tomorrow night.


Cochonet: 0 Stomach Flu: 3

So we've been a bit busy with our heads in the toilet. And just as we thought we were on the mend, we've just been informed that two more of our members have fallen victim to this digustingly cruel virus.
I will be back when things are little less sickly around here!
In the meantime... go check out this visual bookmarking site... And yes, this is another addiction.