Work in Progress

After this weekend- I'll either be in a much better head space, or in a much worst head space!
These are some pretty crappy iphone camera photos of our space!!!

The floors come in tomorrow and will be installed over the weekend- painstakingly, I'm sure. Next step is building the cutting tables, workstations and cash and then we should be laughing, right?


Public Apology

To my friends who have had birthdays gone by without one word of acknowledgment from me (that's you Sarah!): I'm sorry.
To those of you with pending email responses (d and Juice- I'm thinking of you): I'm sorry
To the cab driver I was too tired to chit chat with: I'm sorry
To the guy working at the Permit division: (Actually, I'm not so sorry about that). You're an idiot.
To Bruno, who I bark at like an insane pregnant woman: I'm sorry
To all of you who have helped so far with little thanks on my part: I'm sorry

I'll be better in a few weeks... I promise!