happinness can be purchased at any local pharmacy!

Didn't you know? Here's where mine came from yesterday:

The self-loathing immediately disappeared- after the very first application! So I know that it's giving me cancer just by it being near me, but I just can't resist their muted earth toned packaging. And now Aveeno has a shampoo? That's where my very next $9 are going... to my happiness!

More awesome homes that don't belong to me...

This is the second installment in the Dwell Dream Home Search 2010...

Warning: do not walk with heels

Industrial meets farmhouse
Playing with spaces and volumes, I love the idea of having vertical views.

Love the floor to ceiling window

I'm glad that when you look at the photos together, it doesn't look like someone who suffers from split personality disorder attacked a stack of expensive magazines. There ARE some common elements! YAY!
All photos from Dwell.



See, I TOLD you! No more weekend recaps.

You know I was re-reading some old posts and it dawned on me that I started this thing in November of 2006- how crazy is that? Granted it was completely in the closet until the next year, but still! I've been blogging for three and a half years? My mom only just found out last weekend. She was miffed, but has yet to admit that she doesn't know what a blog is.
So yeah, some of those posts were actually not terrible. Which was a first concern of mine: letting people read my writing. It took a long time, but once I realized that no one really expected me to be a literary genius, it was easy to let go.
So while perusing the back "issues" of cochonet rouge I realized that my older posts are much more anecdotal than the posts I write now, which I think is more out of laziness than anything else. It's exhausting to write something that makes sense. Even if it's just grammatically (note that this post does NOT make sense grammatically, this I know).

So to make things a bit more personal here (because come on, let's face it, there are no strangers that come here) I've decided to share some recent crappy pictures from my iphone camera (that I love).

my office (that I think I'll be painting black- just this one little wall)

our breakfast nook, dining room, craft table

some vagabond children that showed up at our door demanding things like train conductor hats and Jiminy Cricket costumes

So there are going to be some BIG changes coming up soon, and I should be in a better place at the end of the week to give you the exciting details.
In the meantime, I'll try to find a remedy to my terrible heartburn, and maybe wash my hair.


Buttons & Cookies

My friend Monia sent me this link from FortySixtatGrace, as it's such a perfect match for the big project:

Cute, right? The recipe card was designed by EvaJuliet (montrealer!) who stocks her Etsy shop filled with adorable prints that might find their way chez nous bientot!


Fall 2010

I'm already dreaming about clothes that I'll be able to wear once I birth this last baby, get back to running and lose those darn pounds I seem to be compacting onto my body.

(me. Isn't my hair awesome?)
me loving red poppies and suede booties
me and the ladies just chilling
me again- third from the left

So there you have it, Alexa Chung's collection for Madewell for Fall 2010. perfect, right? sigh.... Back to my leggings...


House Dreaming

Because I'm insane and I thrive in chaos, I can't seen to move away from the idea of building a dream home. I started playing around with plans which were met with, let's face it, the most lukewarm of reactions. And I thought that I had already solved the dream home dilemma! so back to the drawing board, and thanks to Dwell's awesome archives you can search for homes based on structure types, lot types and location types.
So I'll be building a visual file over here every week, just so I can keep track of them:

All of them from Dwell- maybe next time I'll actually add information about the various houses, but for now, it's just eye candy!


Weekend Recap

Maybe I'm going to change things up over here? I seem to even bore MYSELF with these weekend recaps!! Ok, so maybe the last one...

Knowing that someone you love is having a really hard week
Having that feeling that you can't do anything to make it (above mentioned week) better- save maybe not pestering about meetings and obligations (I failed)
Eating three kiwis in a row (damn, they are TASTY)
Being so excited for B to show up at my parents' house
Adding a RSS feed link to the sidebar- if you actually want this fluff directly in your inbox!
Realizing that the kids are so much easier when B is around
Planning dream houses
Arguing about said dream houses
Catching the gold medal run by accident
Feeling like I've had enough of the Olympics, already? And the CTV coverage? Garbaggio
Admitting to myself that the Weekend Recap is super lame when there are no links
Waiting for the 17th and the 25th of February- DESPERATELY
Ignoring the baby name suggestions (like, really? it's too soon for all this)
Dreaming about this wall unit- again


Flowers over Chocolate any old day

I'm not a big Valentine's Day person. It doesn't really mean anything to me- BUT- since it's an excuse to have/give/receive flowers... I won't poopoo it!
Here are the latest from small stump + studio choo. And how exciting, they opened their doors yesterday!! So any of you peeps living out in San Francisco, I URGE you to buy flowers there and support those ladies!

So have a great weekend, whether it be chocolate filled or not!


Seasonal Anthro Roundup!

Well, here it is! My anthro spring 2010 roundup!

You'll forgive me for the lack of links, prices and whatnot.


Blech, is it still winter?

Originally uploaded by gemma correll
Ok, so maybe it's the week, or the lack of sleep, but I've had a difficult time getting some QT here with the old cochonet. Like always, there's so much I want to talk about, but so little brain space to actually devote to writing and uploading photos (there has GOT to be an easier solution!).
So I'm feeling lazy- no pictures today. (okay, maybe ONE) BUT if you want your fill of visual inspiration you MUST check out sfgirlbybay's post on Blog it Forward... wow, this project is sure to take up a large portion of my web surfing time- when I actually get some. I've been firing off my right-click bookmark like you wouldn't believe!
I leave you with Gemma- that I love and who always makes me feel happy!


Weekend Recap

Hosting my fav ladies in my house- which I don't seem to hate anymore (the house- not the ladies!)
Baking these brownines
Shivering at the creepiness of this This American Life episode
Starting this book
Wishing for days without any juice spills, or spills of any kind
Witnessing the awesomeness of MissSugarPuss
Cowering at the idea of another week of winter- blech
Excited by the upcoming Blog It Forward
Hoping that the kids' latest phases will be VERY short lived.


Flower Fridays!

Flower Fridays brought to you courtesy of the lovely gals over at Small Stump + Studio Choo...

They also have a recurring feature over at d*sponge that's called We Like It Wild- which is awesome. I have a feeling that their new store is going to be a success! Can't wait to able to post photos like this one soon...
Have a great weekend! (can you tell that we had our first full night sleep in over 5 months??!- NO COMPLAINING- for a change!)


Tight Squeeze

As many of you know, we've squeezed 4 people with BIIIIIIIIG personalities into a 850 sq ft apartment. Sometimes it works, but most often it's pretty tight. Like last night, when I had to sleep on our Ikea couch to accommodate the three male bodies in our bed. Why didn't we buy a king size matress? This question will torment me for the next 10 years.
So when I saw Emily Henson's 750 sq ft California bungalow on Design*Sponge, I almost cried. She MADE IT WORK!! And how...

So I know it's lame to repost the most influencial and highest traffic-ed design blog, but STILL. The birdhouses? The bunk beds? It's perfect!


Something out of the ordinary

I once blogged recipes, like 2 years ago maybe? Do you remember that? I've since given it up as it's extremely time consuming with the camera, and the food, and the writing. Blech. Too much fuss for this munkee. I'll leave the food blogging up to the experts like this gal and this lady, and I'll stick to my own stuff. (Note to self: try to define what this blog is about so when peeps ask you , you don't stutter out crap like "you know, it's about stuff, like stuff that's pretty and stuff that I like.") I make myself barf sometimes.
Well, something changed on Monday. I got a hold of The Perfect Muffin recipe from my friend Jess. It's like the tabula rasa of muffin recipes. I, of course, fudged up the original recipe and the muffins turned out delicious.

So here it goes:

1 cup oats
1 cup milk
1 cup flour (you can half/half with whole wheat)
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoons baking soda
pinch salt
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
1/4 cup oil

** now as part of my additions:
2 tablespoons flax seed
1/2 cup apple/pear sauce
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
brown sugar crumbled on top

Preheat oven to 375

Combine milk and oats in small bowl. Let sit for 10 minutes. Add egg, flax seed, oil and apple sauce.Whisk together dry ingredients (including sugar) and fold in the oat/milk mixture. Fold over until barely mixed. Transfer to muffin tins/molds, sprinkle brown sugar on top and bake for 20-25 minutes.

Thanks Jess, it's not part of my official repertoire!


today is monday, in case you had forgotten

Today is Monday. Today Luca has yet another fever. Today, I will not change out of my pyjamas. Again. So in the spirit of last week's amazing photos....

Living Etc (via Desire to Inspire)

Skona Hem

Some monochromatic spaces that really feel warm and rich. I think the key is texture and a wide variety of it.
So there you have it. Is winter over yet?