See, I TOLD you! No more weekend recaps.

You know I was re-reading some old posts and it dawned on me that I started this thing in November of 2006- how crazy is that? Granted it was completely in the closet until the next year, but still! I've been blogging for three and a half years? My mom only just found out last weekend. She was miffed, but has yet to admit that she doesn't know what a blog is.
So yeah, some of those posts were actually not terrible. Which was a first concern of mine: letting people read my writing. It took a long time, but once I realized that no one really expected me to be a literary genius, it was easy to let go.
So while perusing the back "issues" of cochonet rouge I realized that my older posts are much more anecdotal than the posts I write now, which I think is more out of laziness than anything else. It's exhausting to write something that makes sense. Even if it's just grammatically (note that this post does NOT make sense grammatically, this I know).

So to make things a bit more personal here (because come on, let's face it, there are no strangers that come here) I've decided to share some recent crappy pictures from my iphone camera (that I love).

my office (that I think I'll be painting black- just this one little wall)

our breakfast nook, dining room, craft table

some vagabond children that showed up at our door demanding things like train conductor hats and Jiminy Cricket costumes

So there are going to be some BIG changes coming up soon, and I should be in a better place at the end of the week to give you the exciting details.
In the meantime, I'll try to find a remedy to my terrible heartburn, and maybe wash my hair.


Anonymous said...

aghck! those kids kill me. and i love the pics of your corners and spaces... more! more!

missweb said...

Luca! What's on dat face? xo-jazz

Aimée said...

Love it. Especially the red kitchen aid, akin to mine.

I'm going to like the changes. I let way too much hang out over at my space, but it's good therapy.

Rebecca M. said...

Yes! Yay! More pictures of your house please! I love your breakfast nook. And I think it's hilarious that you have a stand mixer in your office next to your computer. Your vagabonds are adorable, as always. :)