I've made a terrible mistake...

And then the court says, "Another example of an overreaction is that Mother suggested that Roan should have Botox injections in his feet to resolve a problem he had with foot odor. As Father appropriately noted, the simple and common sense approach of making sure Roan wore socks with his shoes and used foot deodorant corrected the odor problem without the need for any invasive procedure on this young child."Like I said, I may have been wrong. Thanks to Annabelle for showing me the light...
Read more about the sad sad state of Sharon here.

Weekend Recap- Tuesday Edition

Driving with B by my side and this in my ears
Waving goodbye to the boys, without a fear in my mind
Witnessing the union of Adam Fiore and Justine Noiseux at this enchanting site
Savouring a glass of wine and a good dinner with the other two Villedary Ladies
Reading a touching letter from Chan
Paddling on the lake
Visiting this exhibit
Delighting at the sound of words like 'chapeau', 'outside' and 'monkey' pouring out of Mateo
Feeling like there is nowhere else you'd rather be
Knowing that my friends are there when I need them
Awaiting a delightful visit from this lovely lady
Anticipating the taste of popcorn AND glossette raisins. Tminus three days.
Cursing this gal for the above snack idea
Saying goodbye to B, once again


Ceramics: One Peace at a Time

Handmade in an Austin based, wind-powered studio, these delicate pieces are created by Caroline Colom Vasquez. She's a regular in the wedding and bridal magazines and was recently the featured seller on Etsy. Shop here, perfect for the holidays or housewarmings...


Friday Sendoff

These amazing photographs (?? or digital manipulations of photographs) are from a 14 and a 15 year old in Romania...man, when I was 14 and 15 I was making heinous Fimo jewelry and forcing it upon my family. I certainly wasn't making stuff like this! These pics were found on DeviantART, an online art community where you can post and sell your art online.
We're off for the weekend, sans boys, to a very very very important wedding! I'm definitely going to cry at this one. Can't wait to hear Wigwam....


For you DIY artists out there

Have you ever been to the PurlSoho shop in NYC? Neither have I. But I dream of going. Me thinks it's the kind of store that lets you sit at a work table and plan out your projects, all while sipping a delicious latte and listening to the latest indie phenomenon. Aaaaaaah, doesn't that sound like the best afternoon?
If you like online crafting tutorials, great projects and beautiful photographs, I DARE you to not spend hours rifling through this online journal.
Get your Christmas DIY on ladies... we all need to catch up to Cara!


Bold and Beautiful

Quick post, the babies are looking for me...

Some big color from Domino. Wish I was gutsy enough to do something like that. Specially the green.
Oh and you guys never told me what celebrities you want to be... so lame. So so lame.


Drawing All Mamas

Fun stuff from Jess Spring, a graphic designer and mama of two. Her posts never fail to make me giggle and I love the fact that she draws for her kiddos. You can check her out on her blog and at her shop


Weekend Recap

Dropping the boys off for a sleepover at Nonna's house
Having a house full of loved ones
Cleaning up said house to only have it trashed 12 hours later...
Glamming it up for some nuptials
Shopping for flowers at the market
Touching up some make up in the ladies room, and loving those tender moments with my monkey
Listening to Mateo yell 'MORE BOOK'
Looking forward to some runs
Devouring some homemade empanadas, courtesy of La Nonna
Remembering, quite sheepishly, "Walk Like an Egyptian" and praying that everyone was too drunk to realize that I was that girl at the wedding.
Saying goodbye to B for the week


A chick named Yokoo- or Japanese Andy Warhol

I found her stumbling through Etsy and immediately fell in LOVE with her. Girl crush thing, you know? I love love love her pieces and have forwarded her stuff to my sister- knitter extraordinaire, who's always looking for new inspiration. Anyways, Yokoo, named after this woman, not only knits, she also works as a fashion photographer in Atlanta. So check out her pieces on Etsy and track her visual blogging on Flickr. Have I ever disappointed? Come on. Read an interview here.
LOVE the color in her office. I wore clothes that color all throughout high school.
Have a great weekend, we'll be partying it up wedding and baptism-styles. Jealous?


On why I'm weird, written by Bruno in an email:

love of hanging empty frames with nothing in them, collecting various sports items that you do not play, using an old paint ladder as a furniture piece, falling off stationary bikes, painting everything white, losing your license because you did not renew it, owning clothing that can only fit into the category 'is used to cover random part of body', owning 100 pairs of shoes - all of which need to be repaired, etc etc
No I think you are the weird twig on this couple tree - oh yeah
DO not be surprised to overhear ' oh here comes awesome bruno and his weirdo wife .. is she wearing another scarf-pant leg-sweater-leg warmer again?'
oh yeah


Before I die....

Learn more about this project here... and think about what you guys want to do before you die! You can post them in the comments.

Before I die I want to...

Raise money for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Make a quilt
Run an official race
Expose my 'art' in a gallery
Work for a magazine
Go to Iceland
Get back on the horse
Grow a real vegetable garden
Travel to Asia



If you had to incarnate a celebrity, who would you be?


Weekend Recap

Flipping pancakes for hungry boys
Revisiting this film
Cruising the city, solo, searching for random things
Popping some caramel corn for the ladies
Regretting said popcorn and all food ingestions by about 7pm
Admiring the beauty and strength of the women who surround me
Feeling parafin wax on my hands
Knowing the boys were Happy McHappingtons with their papa
Sneaking in a run before 7am
Looking forward to the meals planned for this week
Remembering that the process almost counts more than the end result
Scrubbing down the kitchen after a fun baking seance
Admiring the glow of pregnant twins
Realizing how much I've learned in the past three years
Thanking every star for the love around me


Friday inspiration

Cuban contemporary artist, Elsa Mora and her awe-inspiring work...

Paper Sculpture
Felt Collage Necklace
Paper Cutting Sextet
Paper Cutting Detail
See more of her stuff on her blog or on etsy
Found via Creature Comforts



Well the first week of September is done. What a toughie. Rest assured, all you lovely people, you were not the only ones!! It's over and now we can move on.
You peeps are starting to settle in to your spaces and trying to find that comfort zone that will keep y'all warm and happy for the coming coldfront.
We've seen some new additions to our calendars, over here at the Cochonet Headquarters. Mateo has started nursery school at the local YMCA, I've started a meal plan (which you can access here) and we've started tracking all our non-essential spending.
The menu planner is helping me out quite a bit- if only for the mental comfort of loosely knowing what I'll be cooking. It's saving me from that 3pm mental breakdown. I've published it on Google Docs so you guys can clear my info and enter yours, print, and voila! Your own monthly meal plan! You'll also notice that I've added a grocery list... I know. It was just one of those afternoons, you know?
I'm happy with the new additions- and most important of all, I'm not stuck on making them work. If they don't work for us, well at least I'll have tried. I won't get stuck in the guilt game. Not this cochonet. Anyways, happy planning!


Falling for Fashions

Here's the seasonal roundup for the Fall/Winter collection at Anthro...

Also noteworthy:
This look from A.P.C
Eerything from here... courtesy of For Me For You
This great slideshow at Anthropologie
This must have guide...


Weekend Recap

Laughing my ass off at Robert Downey Junior and Tom Cruise in this film
Buying new Crocs to replace the stolen ones. Yup, you read right. STOLEN. (And not stolen like when I thought my bicycle was stolen when in reality it was chained to a parking meter on the opposite side of the street. Nope, these were really stolen.
Waking up at 6 and lacing up for the first time
Unwrapping two new bundt cake pans from my mother-in-law
Dropping BOTH kiddos off with said in-law
Finally realizing that Salvation Army is better than Village des Valeurs
Riding the metro with Mateo and only Mateo
Making soup for the first time since last winter

Feeling grateful for this space


Photo Project

This is a fun photo project that revolves around people's bedtime routine.
You can see the rest of the project here. You should also check out the rest of his sets- I really like his aesthetic.. can you guys tell me anything about his technique? Is he just using a super powerful flash?
Found via Design*Sponge.
Have a great weekend and report back here Monday morning. No tardees please.


Design Test

Stumbled on this great site... they offer a visual design quiz which analyzes your picture choices and offers you a written description of your 'style'. Perfect for those of you (ahem.. I mean myself) who feel torn between styles.
I am Earth Mother.
Kind of ironic, no?Found via the multi talented How about Orange
So what's your design style?


On a musical note...

Has anyone heard this? Sean somethingarather played it on his CBC morning show and me thinks it's the best song ever recorded. Ever.


The Show Must Go On....

Well it's September and I'm sticking to my promise! We've survived one 16 hour drive, 6 new teeth, 8 consecutive night wakings and countless sandy poops.
The only piece of advice I have is the following:

Watermelon is NOT an acceptable beach front snack, neither is pudding. Go figure.
Toddlers are perfect mosquito food.
Children do get tired of pasta.
Babies cry more, not less, when on vacation.
Breakfast is not a popular PEI meal.
Mommies tend to be a wee bit cranky when deprived of their blog.

Internet, watch out. Cochonet is back. You have been warned.