On why I'm weird, written by Bruno in an email:

love of hanging empty frames with nothing in them, collecting various sports items that you do not play, using an old paint ladder as a furniture piece, falling off stationary bikes, painting everything white, losing your license because you did not renew it, owning clothing that can only fit into the category 'is used to cover random part of body', owning 100 pairs of shoes - all of which need to be repaired, etc etc
No I think you are the weird twig on this couple tree - oh yeah
DO not be surprised to overhear ' oh here comes awesome bruno and his weirdo wife .. is she wearing another scarf-pant leg-sweater-leg warmer again?'
oh yeah


Anonymous said...

That is one of the funniest things I have read in quite some time.
You do realize he's right, you know.

Emeline said...

i thought it was pretty funny too... he's pretty gifted. Crazy, but gifted.

Aimée said...

A hundred pairs of shoes? A hundred pairs of shoes?

Emeline said...

Not really one hundred, but at one time I did have 4 pairs of pink high heels. Just 4 though.