A chick named Yokoo- or Japanese Andy Warhol

I found her stumbling through Etsy and immediately fell in LOVE with her. Girl crush thing, you know? I love love love her pieces and have forwarded her stuff to my sister- knitter extraordinaire, who's always looking for new inspiration. Anyways, Yokoo, named after this woman, not only knits, she also works as a fashion photographer in Atlanta. So check out her pieces on Etsy and track her visual blogging on Flickr. Have I ever disappointed? Come on. Read an interview here.
LOVE the color in her office. I wore clothes that color all throughout high school.
Have a great weekend, we'll be partying it up wedding and baptism-styles. Jealous?

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Anonymous said...

Okay, so I admit. It took me a day for her to grow on me. Maybe it was the bangs... But I love her knitwear, I'm totally making my own rip-off knock-off.