I planted my window boxes last night and it released this happy energy that I'm calling My Rebirth.
So much has happened over the past month that it's been hard to process the entirety of it all. Blogging just didn't happen naturally, so I tried not to force it. I'm learning to respect the things that make me happy and recognize the things that don't. I like blogging when i'm happy, yet despise doing it when i'm unhappy.
Seeing Justine and Hilary makes me happy. Having a fridge full of fruits and vegetables also makes me happy. Hearing Nico sing Fairest of the Season does too.
Moving makes me incredibly unhappy. As do empty boxes and piles of garbage in my kitchen.
So with all those things out of my life, I can move forward now.
The above pic is the summer edition wallpaper from Alicia Bock's (bloomgrowlove) for Kindred, the super collaboration between Holly of Decor8 (BEST twitterer EVER) and Ez from Creature Comforts.
It's the perfect image to describe where I'm at TODAY. I'm sure tomorrow will be a whole other ball game.
It feels nice to be home.



for justine, on her 30th birthday....

Two Roadside print illustrations by Jayme McGowan

You are the specialest.
Your skin beith the best
Marlena's got nothing on you

(ok, maybe it's not a haiku, but it's only 7h00am!)




Just a quickie

Despite my foul mood... this made me smile today

So let's thank the kinds folks over at Argyle Whale for making things a bit rosier.

(what a garbaggio day today has been)


Plant Killer

In the past two months I've managed to kill all but one of my houseplants. Granted, I've never been an awesome indoor gardener, but I've managed to at least keep them ALIVE. Maybe not happy, but at least living.
Well, alive no longer. The move, the stress, the babies and my laziness are all contributing factors, but I blame the Universe. Come on, can't we blame the Universe for everything? I think it's my 'get out of jail free' card. Now I can go spend loads of money on new plants that I will inevitably kill in 5-7 years. Sounds good to me!
I could purchase some of Shannon Gerard's Plants You Can't Kill over at her Etsy shop...
Found through the wonderful Karyn at MakeSomething, Shannon seems to be a jack of all arts-trade within the Toronto arts community. She illustrates, she crochets, she publishes, she teaches... dude she does it all. AND with a sense of humour- check out her Mature Themed Crochet Kits. HILARIOUS.

So I bid you temporarily farewell- until B hooks up the stupid router. Probably by the weekend and then I shall regale you with all the goodies I've been hording!