Plant Killer

In the past two months I've managed to kill all but one of my houseplants. Granted, I've never been an awesome indoor gardener, but I've managed to at least keep them ALIVE. Maybe not happy, but at least living.
Well, alive no longer. The move, the stress, the babies and my laziness are all contributing factors, but I blame the Universe. Come on, can't we blame the Universe for everything? I think it's my 'get out of jail free' card. Now I can go spend loads of money on new plants that I will inevitably kill in 5-7 years. Sounds good to me!
I could purchase some of Shannon Gerard's Plants You Can't Kill over at her Etsy shop...
Found through the wonderful Karyn at MakeSomething, Shannon seems to be a jack of all arts-trade within the Toronto arts community. She illustrates, she crochets, she publishes, she teaches... dude she does it all. AND with a sense of humour- check out her Mature Themed Crochet Kits. HILARIOUS.

So I bid you temporarily farewell- until B hooks up the stupid router. Probably by the weekend and then I shall regale you with all the goodies I've been hording!

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jess said...

Yay! You're back. There has been a void in blog loserdom. I've felt so alone... when I am not submitting to my inner slacker.