Monthly Mega Recap

I don't think this summer has been an easy one for many people. Maybe there has been some sort of cosmic shift or maybe Earth is slowly morphing into a black hole. It's the only explanation that makes it easier for me to sleep at night.
Needless to say that this place has been a haven for me creatively and emotionally. Although the highlight of my days are usually blog-related (lame, right?), I'm going to have to put it on hold until I can get a bit more free time. I'm thinking mid-september, once the boys have adjusted to pre-school and I've reintegrated cooking, cleaning and running into a semblance of a schedule. Let's just say that this summer has kicked my mind, my heart and my body.

So can I leave you with a recap...?

Pulling my eyelids open for this series
Loving this storefront
Rekindling my love for design mags
Switching up the drywall for the tent walls
Worrying A LOT about the upcoming race
Nightswimming. Enough said
Leaving for Knowlton on Monday
Playing back in my head my date with justine
Moving forward on a huge creative idea, thanks to this movie
Adorning myself gold accesories and a new brown belt
Anticipating the return of this series: Oct 15th peeps. Mark it down.
Giving in to the toddler food issues and presenting only toast for dinner
Lusting over this address file
Looking forward to the changes ahead




Yay, we're off camping for a week!
We'll see you all when we get back. Wish us good weather and a drama-free trip!


um, not so hot these days

Just a warning, this is half rant half pitty party. Please don't mental note the rambling sentences or snicker at my poor use of punctuation. This is really to make myself feel a bit saner. So forgive me.
I've been at home now for just over three years and while I'm aware that I should be thankful for having this life with two beautiful, healthy children, for having an AMAZING partner who is always there to change the aquarium filter, and who incidentally, always has the best interest of our little family at heart and who has an entirely selfless skeleton; yes, despite these seeming idyllic conditions, this week I am not happy. Crazy, right?
Maybe this morning, it's the fact that Luca threw the piggy bank in the aquarium trapping Gill and dislodging the filter, clouding the water with fish feces (I just barfed a bit in my mouth) or maybe it's the fact that I don't want to run into anyone I know for fear of bawling my face off at the first dreaded question "how are you?" "Um, I'm not doing so well, do you have about an hour and a box of kleenex?". Maybe had the kids not nonchalantly refused to eat my meal - which Ia literally tortured myself to make- maybe I would want to fix all the broken playdough animals this morning, or heck, maybe I'd want to pack snacks and make a healthy lunch. But I don't. And I don't want to clean up my shredded National Geographics Shark book that i've had since I was 8, either. Oh and I don't want a three year old complaining that I'm not swinging him the right way at the park, nor do I want to hear the whispers of the other mothers. Nope I'm "happy" in my pyjamas ignoring the chaos around me, sipping my day-old french press coffee. And dinner tonight? Y'all can fend for yourselves, I've got a date.
Hang on, playdough sharkie needs an emergency fin reattachment.
Ok, so this post was going to be about the existential crises of the stay at home mother, but I have neither the skill nor the patience to puzzle the words together and write a coherent post. Let's recap here: I'm just about ready to hang up my housewife coat and switch it for
active-participant-of-society-that-gets-renumeration-for-services-rendered coat.
Buuuuuuuuut, it looks like I'll need to wash the "art" off the washer and dryer and fashion a Mr Jeremy Fisher (from beatrice potter) costume out of a tool belt/scarf before I can get to anything.
So on that wonderfully positive note, have a great weekend and remember that "these are the best days of your life and enjoy your children while they are little, soon they will be grown up and will be able to cook and clean for themselves?" Sounds horrible.

Teapot fridays and some stuff I missed this week

Happy belated Ms....

Hope you're having an amazing time in the Redwoods- thanks for being a great listener.

In other cochonet news

Teapot du jour:

Japanese ceramic with stainless infuser. Available here for $45


Weekend Recap

Watching B and my mom gut fish
Witnessing the union of Matty and Kim
Knowing that next time I get married, I'll do it here
Deciding on an impromptu date with B: forgettable burgers and this movie. Unforgettable company
Eating the best local meal: beef/this farm, trout/our pond, zucchini+rattes/garden
Letting myself dream of a bio-diverse farm at 43 bailey rd
Dreading the unpacking, meal planning and grocery stocking of the week ahead
Catching up with what I've missed online
Enjoying my time offline