Weekend Recap- Tuesday Edition

Driving with B by my side and this in my ears
Waving goodbye to the boys, without a fear in my mind
Witnessing the union of Adam Fiore and Justine Noiseux at this enchanting site
Savouring a glass of wine and a good dinner with the other two Villedary Ladies
Reading a touching letter from Chan
Paddling on the lake
Visiting this exhibit
Delighting at the sound of words like 'chapeau', 'outside' and 'monkey' pouring out of Mateo
Feeling like there is nowhere else you'd rather be
Knowing that my friends are there when I need them
Awaiting a delightful visit from this lovely lady
Anticipating the taste of popcorn AND glossette raisins. Tminus three days.
Cursing this gal for the above snack idea
Saying goodbye to B, once again

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