Well the first week of September is done. What a toughie. Rest assured, all you lovely people, you were not the only ones!! It's over and now we can move on.
You peeps are starting to settle in to your spaces and trying to find that comfort zone that will keep y'all warm and happy for the coming coldfront.
We've seen some new additions to our calendars, over here at the Cochonet Headquarters. Mateo has started nursery school at the local YMCA, I've started a meal plan (which you can access here) and we've started tracking all our non-essential spending.
The menu planner is helping me out quite a bit- if only for the mental comfort of loosely knowing what I'll be cooking. It's saving me from that 3pm mental breakdown. I've published it on Google Docs so you guys can clear my info and enter yours, print, and voila! Your own monthly meal plan! You'll also notice that I've added a grocery list... I know. It was just one of those afternoons, you know?
I'm happy with the new additions- and most important of all, I'm not stuck on making them work. If they don't work for us, well at least I'll have tried. I won't get stuck in the guilt game. Not this cochonet. Anyways, happy planning!

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