Weekend Recap

Maybe I'm going to change things up over here? I seem to even bore MYSELF with these weekend recaps!! Ok, so maybe the last one...

Knowing that someone you love is having a really hard week
Having that feeling that you can't do anything to make it (above mentioned week) better- save maybe not pestering about meetings and obligations (I failed)
Eating three kiwis in a row (damn, they are TASTY)
Being so excited for B to show up at my parents' house
Adding a RSS feed link to the sidebar- if you actually want this fluff directly in your inbox!
Realizing that the kids are so much easier when B is around
Planning dream houses
Arguing about said dream houses
Catching the gold medal run by accident
Feeling like I've had enough of the Olympics, already? And the CTV coverage? Garbaggio
Admitting to myself that the Weekend Recap is super lame when there are no links
Waiting for the 17th and the 25th of February- DESPERATELY
Ignoring the baby name suggestions (like, really? it's too soon for all this)
Dreaming about this wall unit- again

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