Springtime and the recovery song

Well we are back. Suffering from a bit of writers' block, but back nonetheless.
Let me see, I've missed a few weekend recaps, loads of teapots and a heap of artists. I'm sure you have already forgiven me.

First things first:
I don't usually watch romantic comedies... they're just not my thing. Alas, when you're head is in the toilet and it's B's turn to take the kids out for a walk, you end up with this film. It's no English Patient or anything; but it has a really fantastic house, some great songs and a truly charming main character.
So don't run to the video store, but if you feel like going brain dead for about 96 minutes, you should give it a shot.

Featured Artist:
Mateo Ilasco. A jackeline of all trades really. She also heads a design sale called Modern Economy... only wish it would stop off here... sniff. Check out her blog... it's a nice mix of design, fashion, papergoods and stuff I like.
I'm quite sure this one came via someone else... not too sure who though. Rest assured that I wasn't clever enough to deniche her all by my lonesome. And yes, I know 'deniche' is not a real word. But it's French and it sounds good, so there.

And PoppyTalk? Again, I just got the blog-memo. Man these people are awesome... and they sure know their Etsy shops... damn.

Oh and just so you all know:
My name is Emeline and I watch American Idol.

There, I don't have to feel guilty anymore. I'm very excited for tomorrow night.

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