Back by popular demand

So I've recently gotten a few comments on my non-blogging status... ya , you know who you are!! Honestly... you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Here's an IN & OUT list to keep you "all" up to date with what's been going on:

Synchro naps
3 healthy home cooked meals/day... plus packed lunches for the hubby
Weekly organized meal planning
Full time cloth diapering
Wednesday nights gossip-fest
Blow dried hair
Clean clothes
Relaxed evenings spent with crochet, rosé and American Idol
Regular blogging/blog reading/facebooking/communication with outside world
Overall normalcy

Rat-like up dos and balding patches
Daydreaming of life without babies
Zucchini muffins
Chewed up cuticles
Return of the finger gangrene
Strict BurritoVille diet
Messy... okay I meant dirty house
Forgetting things like keys, bankcards and wallets in random establishments.
Cheesy rice and broccoli
Stressing out about time and all the birthdays, christenings, mothers' day, fathers' day stuff.

So there you have it.


missweb said...

And you're back!!!! I so missed you and your posts.

Aimée said...

I'm glad my house is not the only dirty one. Who's idea was the sandbox, anyway?

Cheesy rice sounds good!