Weekend Recap

Chasing fireworks
Entertaining Mateo with my nautical prowess
Eating pancakes, strawberries and bananas as a midday meal, in bed, with B and the crossword
Being freed of my culinary duties on a Sunday night
Hoping Justine made it ok
Wondering how I ended up with babies in my bed all weekend
Completing an 18K run
Crossing one more NDG eatery off our list. For good
Hoping that these i-teeth are going to come in quickly
Taking all morning to do groceries, clean the fridge and put everything away
Reading this book and not feeling it
Rejoicing the the sunshine streaming in through the curtains
Detesting the pile of clothes on my floor

1 comment:

Sarah said...

"Crossing one more NDG eatery off our list. For good" - do tell!!!

Also, my dad lent me Blindness, will pass on if you want.