Weekend Recap

Pampering myself with manicure/pedicure, new makeup (thanks juice!)
Shuddering at how many times I've heard *mani-pedi* this past week
Loving my man in his suit
Reading this book in the car
Resenting Denise (the front desk clerk) for the absence of king size beds in the hotel
Missing exit 57 due to said book
Getting all teary-eyed at the vows
Witnessing a dance-off of grand proportions
Reliving my passion for RockyHorrorPicture Show on the dance floor
Being outraged when the barkeep announced *we're out of white wine*
Rocking the wraparound french braid
Feeling DONE with cupcakes and blue icing
Enjoying all the alone time w/B and remembering how much we loved talking to each other
Tugging at my heart when i realized how much i missed the boys
Looking forward to doing it all over again next weekend!


D said...


Rebecca M. said...

Sounds like a great time. :) I enjoyed that book--it's one that has stayed on the surface of my mind for a long time. It's been years and some of the images are still so vivid. what do you think so far?

Emeline said...

Rebecca- I'm LOVING the book and readying myself for a Saramago fall. Have you read any of his other stuff?