Small Stump

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this is going to be much shorter than I had anticipated. Something about a writhing toddler and crackers will force me to cut this short.

A few observations from this morning:

There is really only time to either floss or make snacks in the morning. Today I picked flossing.
Teaspoons are effective weapons in 2yr old vs 3yr old battle
Although somewhat dangerous, scalloped edged scissors are an okay toy while mom flosses
It only requires 1 hour to convince 3 yr old to dress himself
CBC Radio2 and a knob of butter makes everything ok
Blogging, making grilled cheese AND plucking eyebrows is not as easy as it looks
I'm feeling a parenting book from Cochonet Rouge is the next logical progression? No?

On another non child (hence non Here are some prints from Small Stump (floral designer genius from Rose and Radish:Pick Something Else SilkScreen $15

Inside Outside Silk Screen $28

The fridge has just been taken hostage by two small pirates...

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