Paper Planes

Long time blogger and graphic designer, contemporary paper designer Suzie Jack! I rekindled my romance with her blog last week and can't stop going to her shop. Her stuff just makes me happy- I could picture myself opting to go with something similar for a corporate identity or something. Or even personal thank you notes, greeting cards?
So here's a sample of her stuff- super random and without separate descriptions because I'm suuuuper lazy this morning!

Calendar is my fav. Be sure to check out her blog- her content is always original and she finds all these beautiful themes that she documents. I sometimes want my house to look like one of her posts... that's a good thing, right?
SuzieJack Shop
SuzieJack Home
SuzieJack Blog
Enjoy... we're off to the pool. Maybe I can finally fix my tan and STOP wearing these ridiculous tube tops. Seriously, I look like the tramp mother of two illegitimate children.

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