Weekend Recap

Fantasizing about angels lifting me up to the heavens for the last hour and a half of the run
Ordering pizza and settling in for a quiet night with this movie
Swelling, nay, elephantitis of my eyelids from the 3 hrs of crying caused by said movie
Catching This American Life live on the radio
Reacquainting myself with this blog
Cutting up bread and stale bagels for the fish at Beaver Pond
Realizing that all the fish at Beaver Pond are dead
Drooling over these
Wanting to tune out to incessant irrational demands from 3 yr old
Drawing the line at dogs in strollers. Come on now
Bookmarking like a madwoman
Kicking the ball around with 3 generations of Garbarinos
Looking forward to a well deserved day sans children and a shopping date with an old friend

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