Branching out

I've been thinking about coniferous branches for my seasonal foliage basket and I stumbled on this Brooklyn based botanical boutique. The store is called Nettleton Hollow and stocks the most amazing branches, pods and grasses. Everything you need to make a statement like those grapewood branches or these great mossy sticks. Oh and did you know that a wreath, a FAKE wreath can knock you out $200??? I saw one at the Bay a few weeks ago and nearly fell into the nearest silver and turquoise Christmas tree. I mean, $200?? Come on now.
Maybe I should make real wreaths and sell then for $100. Any takers?


Anonymous said...

I once watched Martha Stewart construct a wreath with bulb ornaments and a glue gun.I'm just saying.

Hilary said...

i'll give you unlimited love for one. how's that?