Weekend Recap

Stretching my downwards dog to this film
Visiting a new library
Eating the most delicious hazelnut cake
Having that delicious piece of cake intercepted by a baby whose name rhymes with Puca
Watching Mateo and Luca dance to this song
Eating some bacon and patates with B
Playing hopscotch in our hallway
Waking up with neither laundry to do, nor meals to cook, just a full day to enjoy
Prepping a pretty lame week of posts here at Cochonet!
Knowing that the Weekend Recap is irresistible to some...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

kung fu? i have to see it! and "puca" made me laugh. these weekend recaps are completely irresistible.

PS> i forgot about the kung fu hustle... i enjoyed that movie a lot.