Weekend Recap

00Taking notes on a Friday night
This song
Slurping soup and dipping grilled cheese sandwiches
Playing with trains on a rainy morning
This song
Getting kisses from Luca
Realizing that I may not have much time to blog this week
This Flickr Group
Planning our weekly meals (any ideas?!)
Knowing that I'm married to a good man, one that I'd want my daughter to marry
Feeling lost in the blogworld and lagging in my correspondance
Eating impromptu breakfast with my parents
Listening to stories from New Mexico
Trying to not be too hard on myself, but also hoping to get some stuff done


Anonymous said...

I love Regina Spektor's voice. i understand the tears...

Emeline said...

I was such a hilarious trainwreck on the corner of Fielding and Hingston.. Hilary is making me a workout playlist... a bit less emotional than Regina Spektor!

D said...

regina to work out to??? yikes... anyway, about your post... i didn't know you had a daughter... :)