Rules to live by...

  • Invest in one good antique to anchor a room.
  • Always have an extra case of champagne on hand.
  • Read Remembrance of Things Past for inspiration—but only 13 pages a night, so you don't get burned out.
  • It's a given to have fresh flowers around; keeping them monochromatic is the easiest way to have major impact.
  • Check your mother's and father's closets. Way in the back, there's always a jewel—even old slippers.
  • Plan a trip to Paris, just for the flea markets.
  • A collection doesn't have to be accumulated over time. Sometimes it's fun to buy the whole thing at once.
  • Forget about purebred dogs; adopt a mutt.
  • A framed drawing of your pet by a friend can be more meaningful than the most expensive Matisse.
  • Make a collage on your refrigerator of museum stickers, invitations, funny notes, and every time you reach for something, you'll be reminded of how lucky you are.
  • Close your eyes for 30 seconds at least once during the day, to be quiet and grateful.
  • Buy your favorite books in hardback—that's one thing you'll never grow tired of.
  • Always have enough negative space in a room, so the eye has a chance to relax.
  • Don't throw away old clothes, furniture or knickknacks—drop them at Goodwill.
  • Monogram as much as you can! It shows you care.
From Libertine (published by Domino) via {fieldguided}


Rebecca M. said...

I misread that as "invest in one good antique anchor for each room." I immediately thought "now that's my kind of decor! but wait... maybe not every room. I love ships and the ocean and even pirates, but maybe one room could have an inland theme..."

Aimée said...

Especially love the hardcover one and fresh flowers, but a CASE of champagne? I'd rather spend the money on good Parmesan and fresh scallops.

jess said...

I think I'd cap the campagne at a bottle or two and buy myself a new pair of shoes or something for celebratory measures.