Door Sixteen

Finally! I've found visual proof that painting wood floors white is a GREAT idea. Bruno is going to die!
Not too sure how I haven't come across this lady before, but anyways, I stumbled on her site last night and it was INSTA LOVE. Everything: the house, the love for white and black, the hair...
She's got me dreaming about restoring an old Victorian house and living in a small town. Book cover designer by day, blogger by night and friend of Camilla Engman.... all signs point to new blog crush. So yeah, DoorSixteen... give it a whirl.


Anonymous said...

She's your doppelganger or something... way bizarre and I love the STUFF she has found for her house. I want one of those david trubridge lamps.... I guess I'll have to make a trip to Toronto AGAIN.

Anna at D16 said...

Oh, hi! This made me blush. :)