Weekend Recap

Loving-nay adoring my iGoogle: Blogger, gmail, twitter AND the weather? Awesome
Cocooning and enjoying this movie- thanks to my justine
Feeling like we should have done more the kids
Needing to step it up a bit in the running area
Giggling at all your comments
Reeling from the overwhelming week
Discovering this blog {via this blog}
Looking forward to some time in Knowlton with the D-lady
Scaling things down, to make bigger things happen in the future
Footloosing it and fancyfreeing it at this movie with B
Running down to the market with this lady
Overwhelming need to firebomb the Premiere Moisson in above mentioned market
Knowing that you're making the right decision
Picking out paint swatches for the new look...

oh and...


That's right. All Caps.

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