Weekend Recap Take Deux

Ridding myself of my non-driver status
Completing my first 5K race with an amazing bunch of women
Cursing that last kilometer and swearing that I'll NEVER run another step
Thinking about registering for the Tour Du Lac 10k minutes later
Hashing it out with B
Exhausting my emotional supply
Signing for our new home
Feeling serious envy of A's house
Trying to be kind to myself
Having problems doing above mentioned
Hoping to sleep soundly this week


Anonymous said...

Congratulations again for running the race - it was great to be able to share your first race with you!

You are nothing but amazing and I count my lucky stars every day that I get to be your friend. So enough with beating yourself up.

Also, you envy my house? Really? You don't hate the color of my walls? My design choices? I feel complimented, but also tentative in saying so... sending email later today to explain. This is turning into a novel.

Aimée said...

Quite the weekend! Congrats on the new house-that is major.

D said...

milly! it's taken me two days to get around to check the weekend recap... i can't believe i allow my job to interfere with my life. more importantly, it's taken me too long to say that i'm so damned proud of you. your first official event! it was great to share the first 4.2 kilometers... :) first, the polo store, now this! what's next?