Back By Popular Demand

So yeah, I took a mini blog break.
Not an intentional one, rather one forced upon you by a small Bam-Bam like child who thinks stomping on keyboards is a fine way to spend a morning. I've barricaded the office and still, I find him smashing the printer with my cell phone.
If anything, this kid better become some famous thrill seeker millionaire to help pay for the liters of milk he's poured on the floor.

Weekend Recap:

Drooling over chicken enchiladas at this ladie's house
Subsequently washing down said enchiladas with numerous glasses of white wine
Spending a special morning with Mateo, riding the metro and waiting for the bus
Facing the music
Running with my new running partner
Overwhelming desire to spend all my waking moments here, here and here
Thanking this lady for keeping me sane
Enjoying a Monday sans children
Needing to get my sh*t in order

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