Paper Cuttings

So I was walking past Birks and noticed that their lovely spring box windows all showcase beautiful paper cuttings. Have you guys noticed how prevalent paper cutting has become on the craft scene?
So I've been looking at a lot of this stuff and it never ceases to amaze me. Do you realize how many x-acto blades are used to produce pieces like this? Hundreds, I'm sure!
Entitled Broken Flowers, and crafted by Dutch artist Peter Callesen (of COURSE he's Dutch... all cool things are Dutch) this piece I imagine is one of those must-see-in-real-life pieces. It was quite a challenge to pick just one work to showcase, so I highly recommend checking the rest of his work out... specially some of the larger scale paperworks here. Oh and you should read some of his texts.
Peter loves his A4.
Via The Storque

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