Style Infusion

So I'm leaving tomorrow. This will be my first trip alone since the year 2000. I'm not even kidding.
The kiddos are a-napping and I'm tearing the shit out of my wardrobe. Trenchcoat: lost. Black heels: lost. Black V-Neck: eaten by mountain lions, apparently.
So what's a monkey to do?
I'm not feeling so bad though, I picked up some great key pieces at the Sally Ann last week- notably some burgundy knee-high boots- which will make up the skeleton for the weekend wardrobe. I'm feeling like I need a style makeover. So I've decided: NO MOM CLOTHES. No jeans, no tee shirts, no blue fleece MEC pullover. I flipped through this book at the library and it reminded that YES! I have two rather decent legs and YES! I can wear heels during the day- just not the black or yellow ones which are lost. Anyways, I've got a suitcase packed full of wildly ridiculous patterns and prints and I'm oh so excited to wear them all together!
Thank you Isaac.


jess said...

I'm jealous. Have a great trip. I'm no motivated enough to change my saggy jeans and snot-encrusted t-shirt ways.

Anonymous said...

I'm pulling out the iron. OMFG. Even if it kills me, I'm going to leave the fleece at home. I might need a paper bag to breathe in on the train tomorrow.

Rebecca M. said...

I HAVE NO CLOTHES. I have purged all ill-fitting Sally Ann regects and I am left with no fewer than 15 black shirts, three pairs of jeans, a selection of wool socks and a giant,oversized BLACK fleece pullover that really belongs to my spouse. And boots.

I think I need help.

Is there anything that can be worn other than jeans? THe Sally Ann is failing me, but I have no idea how to shop. At all. At once point I thought I knew how to get dressed, but if jeans and all-black tops are an issue, then I think I need an intervention.

Can you believe that when I go to the Sally Ann now, I go straight to the black shirts, then the jeans, and then the "active wear" section in search of a "better" black fleece sweater, perhaps with a zipper?

Help me, please... I think I need it.

jess said...

My best Sally Ann find was a polyester c.late seventies blouse covered in afrian safari scenes. I loved it but you can really repair the seams only so many times.