Weekend Recap

Giddying it all up inside
This film
Riding the CP rails with this lady
Laughing till hysterics took over
Going for a "run" with a terrible hangover
Cringing at the thought of the boys running amok without me
Needing to catch up on some phone calls and emails... sorry y'all
Blah blah blahing with an old wonderful friend
Envying all those hardcore interior designers, but knowing that it's just not a right fit for now
Rediscovering my birth town, and LOVING it
Sipping an amazing latte at Terroni's
Forging an unlikely bond with Lani, my hairdresser
Saving this place for next time
Scoring this book for the boys

Missing home like crazy


1 comment:

Aimée said...

Sounds like a fabulous time. Welcome back--did you bring this snow?