My recent wanderings into Twitter land have opened many new blog worlds... it's a bit overwhelming to be honest, but I'm happy as a clam with my new discovery.

Norwegian Wood is the Etsy shop of Montreal based designer Angie Johnson. She and her boyfriend printmaker and designer have a brick and mortar shop called Headquarters down on Amherst in The Village.
I love love love those pieces AND the hair. That's what my hair was suppose to look like. Hmmm. Ya, in retrospect, my TO do is not cutting it here. Not sure what to do about it, apart from waiting another 6 months for the next haircut. Grumble grumble.

Okay, but back to Norwegian Wood, she's also up for an Etsy Spring Fashion Nod.

Check out the other candidates here.
Read more about HeadQuarters here
Blog for the boutique
Etsy shop

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Rebecca M. said...

I'll take outfit #1. You wear outfit #2. Not sure who will be sporting #3, however.

I haven't seen your new hair, but I find it hard to imagine your hair not looking good. Although the one time I got a haircut, I don't know that it was quite what I had in mind, either. lol