Weekend Recap (long weekend edition)

Failing miserably at the NY Times Saturday puzzle by secretly going here
Laughing my heart out at this movie
Racing to meet my lovely Monday morning date, worrying about whether or not I'd look cute
Curling up in bed with my new boyfriend
Watching the boys make a snow man
Falling in love with Steve Martin
Creaming- nay- annihilating this lady
Sleeping in past 7
Enjoying the simplicity of a helium balloon
Anticipating March 6th@11h45
Realizing that brown rice isn't for me
Cringing as Luca stuffed a handful of red Swedish berries at Zoe's birthday party.
Knowing that I made a few people feel good about themselves
Meeting Stella
Trying to make sense of the next few weeks, knowing that B will be on site in Cornwall...


Anonymous said...

It was neither cream nor annihilation... it was ONE measly POINT. Ugh. And PS> My Oscar speech next year is going to tell you to "Suck it"

Emeline said...

The Oscar speech where you concede TWO wins in a row?
Oh yeah.