Hearting Stuff

Getting back into the blogosphere has been so so so so much fun! It's like running into old friends, except they don't get to see how ungroomed you are. Or how your clothes look like they've been fed through a paper shredder and glued back together with yoghurt. It's awesome, really.
So I was just looking at all the archives on Lena Corwin's blog and I just can't get enough of her. Seriously. I'm riffling through her photographs and trying and construct a well rounded visual summary of her style, and I just can't decide which ones I want to post.
She's an illustrator and textile designer- ahem, like someone else I know- she's a freelancer, an author, a photographer, a goddess, and a collaborator on truly creative projects like this. She takes lots of photos of books. I likey those the best. So take an hour and surf here or here . Just enjoy the view, ok?
Oh and thanks to Stephanie for always sending me in the right direction. Whatever it is.

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