A mutiny is upon us

Now that the warm, lazy Christmas mornings filled with hot chocolate and homemade brioche are gone, I'm slowly realizing the damage that has occurred to our schedule. The days of synchro naps are but faint memories in this monkey's brain. For those of you blessed with the lifelong burden- by burden I mean joy- of kids, you know that a day without naps is not a real day. It's a fake day where there is no time for dinner, no time for laundry and even less time for The Internet. It's a day filled with half negotiations, half eaten snacks and full on tantrums.
Today seems to be one of those days. Ethiopia has been crying for the last half hour and I AM NOT GIVING IN.
We got hit by another flu this week and this time, we had to call back up. My mother flew in on her umbrella and totally saved the day. She left this afternoon. Hence the constant crying. Sure his molars are coming in and YES he is in the process of weaning... but I say NAY to this mutany. We WILL reinstate synchronized nap and that is all. Babies are meant to sleep together and mothers deserve to have a minimum of ONE HOUR to themselves. Those are the known clauses in the Mothers' Collective Convention.
The Captain has spoken and she WILL be respected, or at least heard. If she's lucky. If not, she's calling in her union rep.


ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...

that sounds like really nice mutany. I wish I could join! I would have a nap at totally different time and screw everything up more. But I would definitely make it up to you with yummy desserts.

missweb said...

You stand your ground, mamma! Small ones shall not fuck with mamma schedule!

Aimée said...

Hear, hear, I would even go as far as to say babies were CREATED, nay, even DESTINED to nap together. How dare they mess with these universal laws.
That said, I've got one down and one to go. Wish me luck.

Emeline said...

Mothers UNITE.