Ringing in the New Year.. slowly

By Dunny found via Yokoo on Flickr

So I'll have to admit that although I'm looking forward to 2009, things have been off to um, a messy start! Gastro for B and Mateo on NYE, weird rash thing for me and a whole lot of sinus congestion. Well we managed to get the tree down and to clean the pantry... that's good right? I've always tried to ring in the New Year with a clean, uncluttered house. Ok, that's a lie. I could never live in a bare environment. Like NEVER. In my dreams I live in a stark white loft with floating stairs and lots of glass. In reality, I'm addicted to the Sally Ann and love found treasures. Why go against the stuff that I love so much? Like toast and butter.... yum.
I had also been questioning my presence here- as I often do- but this time quite seriously. I felt like such a slacker for not having posted since the 22nd. But heck, I was offline for 8 DAYS! Anyways, I've been catching up with my regular reads and feel so much better. No one has posted anything. The blogosphere is on hold until next week.
Until then, we write lists: TO DOS; BEST OF; RECAPS and MOVIES TO SEE FOR OSCAR PREP...
So get to it! Crack open your Moleskines and if you're making life changes remember to believe that you can do it, that you've always been able to do it but it just hadn't been the right time.
Time to Change.


missweb said...

Finally! I feel like a stalker!

Aimée said...

Welcome back! Happy New Year, although it sounds like it's been a little rough so far.