A guy after my own heart

So I was wasting time on Lena Corwin's blog the other day, after seeing that Jenny from Wiksten would be teaching a sewing class at Lena' studio. Anyways, Lena sells some of her things (coveted pillows that I would love to carry at the shop, but alas aren't available for wholesale) at the Brooklyn Flea Market, a weekly gathering of cool stuff with uber cool people and food.

Blah blih blah.
One of the guys that designed the BFM poster is Wayne Pate, a brooklyn based artist, maybe even artorialist as he coined? Anyways, he has this great print of a seagull with which I have irrevocably fallen in love. Turns out I've seen his stuff before, as one of his prints is pretty famous in the illustration circuit (you might recognize this one).
Oh and he loves teapots, specially this one, which apparently makes the best cup of tea. Period. Too bad they don't make it in red!

Bottom Line: Seagull = Mine.

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Sarah said...

"irrevocably" fallen in love?!?! IT has infiltrated your blogging vocabulary!!